8 Weird Types Of Beer: Wait, What Can Be So Weird About Beer?

If you think of it nonchalantly then a good beer is perhaps that great friend we all like to hang out with. Simple and unassuming, a good glass of beer can be likened to that friend that Jim Morrison philosophically described as someone who gives you the absolute freedom to be yourself.



Interestingly, consuming beer seems a task as simple as any, one not requiring any elaborate preparation, and in hindsight, perhaps not even a great reason to be celebrated. Easy as it seems and unflustered to any lack of attention given to it, you simply wound up when your favorite pint of beer is taken away from you but uncomplainingly carry on with whatever it is that you’re doing once you pick up your favorite beer crate. There’s nothing much that you would perhaps need save from indulging in a smooth and tantalizingly appealing flavor of beer.



Picture the luscious settings and the grandiose environs amidst which the world prefers to gulp its favorite champagne, wine or even rum. A beer, perhaps, doesn’t really need a pompous setting, for it to be chugged. We all like to cool off with our favorite pint in whatever setting we seem to be absorbed in; whether its amidst friends, or playing a sport or while indulging in banter with our best mates. While our immediate settings change sporadically and often rampantly, in relation to our lifestyle, one often besieged by unavoidable scenarios like job changes and girl trouble (in lighter vein), it is that beer that stays steady, always beside us. That said, while the aura of your beer is friendly and very much companion-like, could it be that there’s a different composition to a beer’s DNA.

For sure, there ought to be some really interesting and bewildering kinds that we may not be aware of. So let’s discover which are some of the most fascinating types of beer around us:


1) World’s Oldest Beer



Often breweries are as old as a bygone slice of history, stuff that still tantalizingly seems good but is still a chip off the old block. Some of the world’s oldest breweries that are renowned for the quintessential lager taste and the beer flavor date back to 1040. And no prizes for guessing, which country houses the world’s oldest beer: Germany, unsurprisingly.

World’s oldest beer is housed at the brewery at Weihenstephan Brewery at Bavaria, Germany. But truth be told, this one tastes just as better as an ‘old wine’, to speak in colloquial terms!

Germany and Austria continue to serenade the world’s attention thanks to a scintillating variety of beer, brewed from way back in the 1490s to 1300s and even 1040s. Sensational eh?


2) The World’s Most Potent Beer



Smacking you in the head but albeit with a pleasurable sensation, the jolt of this lager will snug your senses as that free-falling crash which only sensationalizes but never hurts. With nearly 67.5% of alcohol percentage, the Brewmaster Snake Venom is for many, ‘a poison of choice’ for its delightfully bitter and acerbic taste, one that many don’t mind getting sloshed with.

And must we thank the Scotts for giving us the most potent form of beer using all their mastery at concocting a drink that’s a fine blend of champagne and ale yeast.

How cool is that!


3) Pizza Beer



Yeah? Really. Yes Sergeant!

Roger that!

How about some scrumptious treat for the taste buds along with a beer made of Pizza extracts? Does that sound fun already. Thanks to this mega marvelous invention coming from the heart of Chicago that the world now has not only a drinkable beer made of tomatoes, a bag of garlic and an idea to capture the attention of the world’s beer-drinking audience.

Regarded as the world’s first culinary beer, you cannot not ‘bear’ any patience to latch on to this incredible tasting fiesta, a brainchild of Tom and Athena Seefurth.

This is an idea straight from the produce of a warm and friendly American household’s garden herbs.
Interestingly, the Mamma Mia Pizza Beer is one hundred percent vegan. Bow to that. Oops, cheers to that!


4) Hello Kitty Beer



A brand that forged its DNA on unstoppable and cuddly kiddy fun, making the world a sweeter and comforting place thanks to its adorable toons, as famous as the memorable cartoon character of Hello Kitty, equally unassuming and child-friendly is the Hello Kitty Beer.

It is distinctly made for a kids-only audience, but never-mind the disclaimer- the fruity and sugary taste delights elders with much aplomb. A series of fruit-flavored brews adorned by the Hello Kitty avatar, this ‘peach’ of a drink has a fruit like taste but a beer-like after-flavor.


5) The World’s Oddest Beer



What takes to make a great beer isn’t great taste alone or sumptuous froth in the lager. It is a bit of a ‘personal indulgence’ and passion to make the taste stand out. And it seems that the makers of the world’s oddest beer took it perhaps daftly. Rogue Ale’s Beard Beer is actually made of extracts of the owner’s beard! Yikes.

Rough, unflustered and unwavering to whatever the world holds as an opinion, that’s truth completely undiluted for you, right there inside a bottle! For those who claim to be offended and those who’ve drank in pure admiration of the taste, the credit must go to Rogue Ale’s master brewer John Maier.


6) World’s Only Beer With Stuff Made From The Space



Yep! You read that just right here in the middle of earth’s sterling cosmos. This particular beer is actually the kind of stuff that’s ‘out of this world’. No matter how random and miserable it may have sounded initially to Sapporo Space Brewery, this ‘space beer’ actually contains barley that was once kept on an International Space Station. And it worked wonders in the aftermath of its launch for the makers.

In 2009, just about 250 limited edition bottles of Sapporo Space Barley were released to an exciting beer fan-base that skipped the attention of an audience well present worldwide but for those who chugged this one, they were in another space of their own. For those fans who want a dig at something more outstandingly celestial, there’s Dogfish Head Brewery’s Celest-Jewel-ale that actually contains extracts such as crushed lunar meteorites. So from now on, no more alien-catching here on earth. Sip some beer to become one right in the middle of earth’s worldly extravagance.


7) Beer Pre-Digested By Elephants



To those who have always fancied what it means to walk with the elephants; in the company of these alluring giants, time is just right to get that sensational feeling!

In fact, truth be told, Sankt Gallen’ isn’t making beer technically left undigested by these mighty creatures. It’s the crushed coffee beans that elephants let out in that nasty thing known as ‘poop’ that is then used as extracts for the brew of Sankt Gallen’ elephant beer.

So if you wish to taste what half brewed coffee tastes like in the form of beer, which for many of us may be a challenging task, one akin to fighting a mighty elephant, the elephant beer is up for grabs.


8) Chocolate Beer



Having a bad day, with the lady love annoyed? Wanting to do something special on world’s chocolate day but not having any slight idea? Worst still, have offended a dear one who’s barking at you for that last minute error? Chocolate Beer can make things delightfully easy and mushy between you and your favorite ones.

Harpoon, one of the world’s leading breweries makes delightfully fancy albeit unmistakably cringe-worthy chocolate stout, with an ever noticeable dark chocolate flavor. Theirs is a near about mightily well perfected art of blending a sugary chocolate flavor with just the kind of aroma and bitter beer taste you need to have a steady concoction for your delight.