10 Most Insane Things That Happened In 2015

The year is coming to an end and there’s so much that’s happened! We bet you haven’t heard most of these crazy stories so we have a compiled list of the most ridiculous things that happened this year.


1: A man from Florida threatened to blow up a strip club because he couldn’t bring his beer in.


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2: On June 30, 2015, a surprise blood moon appeared in the sky, that was only seen in the United States.


Source: videos.usatoday.net


3: World’s longest fingernails

Shridhar Chillal earned a Guinness World Record for his 30-foot-long (9 meters) claws, which have not been trimmed in 62 years.


Source: i.livescience.com


4: Spider shower

In May, residents of southwest Australia had some unusual weather. Millions of tiny spiders “rained down” on a region of New South Wales, covering the land with their sticky webs.


Source: pakistantribe.com


5: Robot hospitality

This year, developers in Japan announced the opening of a unique kind of hotel. The Henn-na Hotel, which translates to “strange hotel,” is staffed almost entirely by robots.


Source: i.telegraph.co.uk


6: A guy found a $3 million lottery ticket in his dog’s Christmas stocking.


It’s Christmas afterall

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7: Emu went missing


Yes. You read it right.

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8: A man attacked his brother for bed sheets.


It’s all about the bedsheets.

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9: A woman who is rumoured to have 3 boobs made a music video.


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10: Steve Harvey crowns the wrong candidate miss universe 2015

We had to mention that.


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