10 Peculiar & Embarrassing Gifts For Someone You “Hate”!!

The world is full of people. There shall be relationships you will make and there shall be relationships you will break. There shall be people you may want to seek and there are people you may want to let go. And in between building and breaking all these relationships, one thing that is most common is Gifts.



Yes, gifts form and strengthen our bonds and friendships. It is synonym to many events of life such as birthdays, weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, thanksgiving and many others. There is a gift for every occasion, for every season, for every reason and for every person whom you love.

But here is the thing; have you ever considered a gift for the one you hate?

Haters are going to hate and lovers are going to love whatever you do and however you do. So why not take a chill pill and enjoy your day? Here are 10 peculiar things you can gift the person you dislike to annoy them.


1) Reminds of the movie ‘Mask’ and Jim Carrey’s smile



2) Ancient looking spooky mike



3) An open-minded Barbie Doll?



4) The most disgusting of them all; dead mice wedding bells



5) A bouquet of condoms? Useful, actually!



6) Creepy Plant Markers. Chucky or Annabelle, who?



7) Mask with Braces?



8) These are actually candles, weeiiirrrrddd!!



9) Skeleton shaped spider or spider shaped skeleton?



10) Boots and Beats and Hoofs



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