10 Ultra Luxury Cars That Defy “Money Can’t Buy Happiness” Adage

Happiness is different for different people. Some find it in self love; others in shopping while some others find it in owning expensive cars. For those of you, we have prepared a list of ultra luxury cars you would love to own.

Flying Spur by Bentley

Bentley’s Flying Spur offers genuinely fantastic driving experience and has all the qualities of an uktra-modern luxury car one can ever dream of.


Ghost by Rolls-Royce

Ghost by Rolls-Royce has such mechanical structure as well as performance that it is aptly regarded as the Architecture of Luxury. The ride quality of this one is quite similar to that of Phantom.


Mulsanne by Bentley

Another option that would give you the feel of a super luxury class is Mulsanne from the house of Bentley. Talking of its appearance, it looks absolutely discrete and modest.


SVAutobiography by Range Rover

A car that weighs 2.6 tonnes, this one from the house of Range Rover can be regarded as the affordable version of the super expensive SUV.


AMG S65 by Mercedes

The overall performance of this car is absolutely top-notch and you would not be disappointed with its mechanical make-up.


Cullinan by Rolls-Royce

Although this one faced a lot of criticism initially, yet managed confirmed orders throughout the year when it was launched. Also, this is the one with comfortable ride experience as well as excellent drivability.


Maybach S-Class by Mercedes

Mercedes Maybach S-Class is regarded as the standard-bearer for the super-luxury brand Maybach.


Phantom by Rolls-Royce

This super-comfortable car provides amazing ride experience and while driving this one, you would absolutely feel indulgently smooth.


Bentayga by Bentley

Bentayga by Bentley is yet another luxury car that has a wonderful interior accompanied with an amazing performance.


Alpina B7

Last but not the least, Alpina B7 is another exclusive car that can perfect fit your luxury car list.
We hope this listicle helps you find your dream car.