11 Food Recommendations To Try In Gurgaon At Least Once

“Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like… “

– Mark Twain

We know how important food is and therefore we compiled a list of desi vegetarian food for all you food lovers.


1) Potato Pie at Zizo (Sector 54)

It is a Lebanese food joint with an ample amount of vegetarian options. Our pick is the Potato Pie which comes with a topping of bread crumbs and veggies on the side.


Source: zomato.com


2) Broccoli Sandwich at Café Gatherings (DLF Phase 4)

It is a multi cuisine café and our favourite is the broccoli sandwich.


Source: facebook.com


3) Daal Mein Kebab at Kitchen of Awadh ( Supermart 1, DLF Phase 4)

It’s a heaven for North Indian lovers. We recommend daal mein kebab and paneer makhani.


Source: buzzintown.com


4) Achaari Chaap at Dana Choga Kitchen (DLF Phase 1)

Cause well it’s Achaari.


Source: oxyfryer.com


5) Garden Salad at Di Ghent Café (DLF Phase 4)

You can try this place for yummy pasta and garden salad.


Source: kusinamasterrecipes.com


6) Dal Makhani at Chef’s Kitchen (Sapphire Mall, South City 2)

Daal makhani is to a vegetarian what butter chicken is to a non vegetarian. If you like this creamy dal, this is where you should be eating.


Source: magicpin.com


7) Shakes and Wraps at Sandburg Shakes (Baani Square, Sector 50)

Yum yum.


Source: madala.com


8) Tawa Paneer at Singh Chicken Corner (Sector 14)

The paneer here is soft and yummy. Our favourite is the tawa paneer.


Source: zomato.com


9) Veg Dumplings from Obento (MG Road)

The veg dumplings here are to die for. You can also try their famous bento from Obento.


Source: lbb.in


10) Dosa and Dahi Vada at Sagar Ratna (Sector 29 and MGF Metropolitan Mall)

This is an old chain of South Indian Restaurants. The food is fab but our favourite is the dahi vada.


Source: theyoungbigmouth.com


11) Veg Biryani at Biryani Blues (Supermart 1, DLF Phase 4)

This is a vegetarian’s delight. Must give it a shot. We loved the veg biryani here.


Source : yummraj.com


They say only when a person is happy inside(read tummy) can he/she spread happiness out. Come let’s eat and spread happiness.