12 Reasons You Should NEVER Watch Harry Potter

Book and Movie series for children that talk about magic? Siriusly don’t bother watching it. We’ll give you eleven reasons why you shouldn’t.


1)  Magic is so boring


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Casting an otter patronus? BORIIING.


2)  The dialogues are not even well written.


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What happiness in the darkest of times?


3)  Harry, Ron and Hermione don’t seem like friends.


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Not at all.


4)  Still not friends!!


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The books aren’t enough to convince us.


5)  The fans don’t take it seriously, it can’t be that great.


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Absolutely not. Nobody loves Harry Potter.


6)  The books are written for children.


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Adults don’t read Harry Potter. It’s just for the kids!


7)  How can a movie about magic school be any good?


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Boriiing, magic schools are pathetic. Absolutely eewww.


8)  There’s nothing relatable about the movies.


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Yeah, nothing.


9)  The characters are not memorable.


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Harry’s parents sacrificed themselves so their son could love. Dobby gave his life for him. Still not memorable enough!


10)  Harry Potter won’t change your life.


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“What Harry Potter gave me was the power of possibility. The possibility that I could live and breathe along with characters on a page. The potential to strengthen and forge friendships through mutual love of something so incredible.” —Michal Schick (Blogger)


11)  The movie lacks emotions.


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12)  It’s not even real.


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PS: If you don’t comprehend sarcasm….it’s your fault.