13 Most Obnoxious Body Piercings Of All Time. Not For The Weak Hearted.

What we have observed from the recent changes in our lifestyle, we have concluded ‘subtle’ is not a word at all anymore. People, especially the maniacs, believe the louder and weirder you are the more number of heads will turn towards you. Make-ups have gone haywire, hairstyles have electrocuted, and even clothing; people are more attracted towards abstractness and torn rags these days.

20 years back if someone had asked me what is piercing for you, my mind would have raced and landed on these body parts – ears or nose and if had to think out of the box then belly button and tongue. But today piercing and tattooing have changed the dynamics of these beautiful art practices. Listed below are 15 people who have made it to the most obnoxious body piercing of all time;


1) “I like shoe lace around my neck. Choke me!!”



2) A porcupine, indeed!



3) Ringa – ringo roses



4) It’s going to be a hard time for her to dress up



5) And he cannot brush, Can he?



6) He doesn’t need a piece of clothing anymore; something permanent.



7) “I am totally f***ed up. How do I wear my favourite pair of jeans… Momma”



8) She turned herself into a peacock



9) Even the ancient tribes were better looking..



10) Even suit-ing up didn’t help



11) Avatar Part 2.0



12) All charged up. Horns and Bulls



13) Decent enough! He kind of looks better than the rest. 



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