15 Places, 15 Experiences and 15 Stories For Your Travel Diary

This time when you place your hand on the Indian map deciding your next holiday destination or surfing on popular travel sites do cheat by considering these places first. They are surely going to give you an additional reason for liking the place or falling in love with it even more.  A memory and an experience is what you get in return as a gift. Also, take your camera along to get the perfect memories you made captured. Let both your lenses have a picturesque definition of perceiving beauty in reality of not a face but a place.
Here’s your to-do list.


1) Enjoy star gazing in  LADAKH

Tired of listening to never boring bike expedition stories or witnessing nature being at its the best? Apart from these we bring to light the fact that it’s one of the best places in India for star gazing. So let your mornings be spent alongside a lake or discovering landscapes and your nights be glittery for the stars are willing to guide you at Nubra Valley.


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2) Stay at Tosh village in KASOL

Kasol is a hub for backpackers and has become a very popular holiday destination for both the travelers and the tourists. Tosh village is a perfect place for someone who’s looking for an escape from busy city life. It’s peaceful and pure in all considering spheres and truly happening in its silence and natural beauty.


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3) Eat Langar at Golden Temple in Amritsar

Even if you’ve tried all cuisines and all restaurants in Punjab, except the langar at the Golden Temple, you still fail as a foodie or a food blogger certainly because you’ve missed on an experience eating with people hailing from different communities under a langar hall in unity. You should at least be 1 out of 100000 people served everyday. And you’ll only realize it at the end that no star hotels or dhabas match the taste and happiness quotient of the langar.


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4) Find stories in the ruined city of Hampi

Here, at Hampi each monument narrates its own tale. Cave paintings, stone carvings, magnificent architectural monuments, all have a significant history attached to them. It’s becoming popular as a destination for backpacking experiences.

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5) Walk on the white sand of Rann of Kutch

The white sand beckons you. If Rann of Kutch is a cloud then the white sand is definitely its lining. If you want to see magic in reality you have to wait until the sunset.


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6) Experience Tibet in South India, Coorg

India’s largest Tibetan settlements is found in here. Feel like you are in TIBET with the stupas, prayer flags, monasteries, hymns,markets, Tibetan food served at home restaurants in Coorg.


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7) Attend Durga Pooja in Kolkata

The city doesn’t sleep for 5 days during this time. The pandals, the food, the sweets, the fashion, the lighting, the zeal in people, the environment, and its ending with Bishorjon are reasons to your question why we must attend it.

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8) Travel by Konkan Railways

The next time you are travelling from Mumbai to Goa, ditch your flight and book a rail ticket. Although rarely visited when compared to a few other means of transport it’s still the most scenic rail routes. If needed fight for a window seat and escape into natural beauty.


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9) Camp at Arid Desert in Rajasthan

The Thar Arid desert is the world’s seventh largest desert. Due to the fast growing eco-tourism in the state many travelers camp on the land.


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10) Backpack across Northeast India

Live seven lives in the land of ‘seven sisters’ of India. Everything attracts you, let it be the people, the cuisines, the festivities, the weather, the fashion, the handicrafts, etc. Live with simplicity, live to the fullest is the message each land throws out.


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11) Surround yourself with flora and fauna of Uttrakhand

Each place in this state is known, in fact very well known.  Apart from the beauty in places there lies unique and diverse range of biodiversity. The biodiversity is the pride of the state. It’s a home to a number of endangered species. Make sure you visit Jim Corbett and wildlife sanctuaries.


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12) Mumbai and its local trains

Mumbai is at times defined by its local trains apart from giving birth to superstars, home to crores, night life or the industrial capital of India. A life of a mumbaikar can be best experienced  through a local train ride. It teaches you the culture, the people, the occupation, the demography, the tastes, the attitudes and all spheres if you are not taking a nap. To see the dabbawala action, reach heritage buildings, markets, beaches or to experience the mall culture take a local and enjoy your travel journey.You are never alone if you travel in a local.

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13) Manali to Leh on bike

Get on your bikes for experiencing an unforgettable and truly memorable journey of 474kms.The visionary beauty makes each km more beautiful with the presence of mountains,valleys and terrains. According to few bikers fantastic scenery, historical trade routes and breathtaking views are the highlights of this trip.


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14) Go for a scuba diving tour in Andamans

Andaman has a rich marine life therefore, it offers tourists to discover the creatures that breathe under the water. You can go for scuba diving at Havelock, which provides courses for non swimmers and swimmers, both.


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15) Come fall in love with Sikkim

It’s the perfect place for all kinds of admirers. In literal sense everything is quite breathtaking from the tallest mountain to the shortest shrub. It’s named one of the ‘top visiting region’ in the world by a leading international travel publication.


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