15 Talented Writers From Instagram Who Need To Be Recognised More

A lot of poets/writers grew famous because of their massive fan following on social media sites like Instagram. It’s not easy; being a writer. The way you twist your words and the way you bleed sentences and weave poetry, comes from within. So we compiled fifteen of our favourite writers from Instagram who know that words are the mightiest weapons of them all!


1: Tom Paul Poetry : @thestarswords

Tom is 25, and Australian. His account boasts of over twenty thousand followers and his words are magic. His poetry book is in the making and will be published soon!


Source: www.instagram.com


2: Marisa Crane : @marisa_crane

Marisa has completed writing her first novel and her Instagram account has over fifty thousand followers.


Source: www.instagram.com


3: Lang Leav : @langleav

This poet is one to watch. With over 100,000 people following her, she is an internationally exhibiting artist and the best selling author of Love & Misadventure, Lullabies and Memories.


Source: www.instagram.com


4: Michael Faudet : @michaelfaudet

Represented by Writers House, Michael Faudet is the proud author of Dirty Pretty Things, which is now a #1 bestseller.


Source: www.instagram.com


5: Christopher Poindexter : @christopherpoindexter

His first book, “Naked Human” can be found at – www.underwatermountains.com


Source: www.instagram.com


6: Atticus : @atticuspoetry

With over 100,000 followers and 600 poems, Atticus is a renowned name in the world of Instagram poems.


Source: www.instagram.com


7: Leo Christopher : @leo.christopher

You can find Leo on Twitter: @Leo_Words • Pinterest: LeoWords • Facebook: LeoWords •


Source: www.instagram.com


8: R.M. Broderick : @r.m.broderick

His book “Tales of a Time Traveller” is available now through Barnes and Nobel and amazon.com!


Source: www.instagram.com


9: Erin Hanson : @thepoeticunderground

Our 20 year old Australian sure knows how to weave magic with her


Source: www.instagram.com


10: @dilettantewriter

18 year old writer who posts her poems on her blog and Instagram account.


Source: www.instagram.com


11: @the.poetry.bandit

He posts poems daily and has been, for the last two years. His Account boasts of a very large fan following.


Source: www.instagram.com


12: B.A : @highpoetssociety

This writer from Boston sure knows his words.


Source: www.instagram.com


13: Joshua Ryan Stewart : @joshua_ryan_stewart

This 30 year old poet posts poetry and prose daily, on his wordpress account and Instagram.


Source: www.instagram.com


14: Mark Anthony: @markanthonypoet

Mark Anthony believes that a lovely dreamer is never alone.


Source: www.instagram.com


15: Jose Chaves : @josechavespoetry

Jose has over 1000 poem posted on his Instagram, and his book is in the making.


Source: www.instagram.com