17 Breathtaking Photos That Reveal A Completely New Universe Under Microscope

The world is full of awesomeness, don’t you agree?

Nature has given us innumerable chances to be in awe of its extravagant structure. While most of the stuff nature delivers goes unnoticed and undiscovered, science and technology has been able to capture a vast essence of nature through their innovative devices.

Our world and us, the species are more complex and magnificent, only if we could take a closer look.

One of the mediums of science through which we get connected with the complex nature is Microscope. If a grain of sand can look like a million dollar galaxy through a microscope, then imagine what other things we can discover under this ingenious device.

To comprehend the beauty of universe in a creative way, Nikon’s Small World had organised a Microphotography Competition.

Have a look at the pics and know for yourself.


1) Retina of a Mouse’s Eye



2) Closer look of Soap Bubbles