20 Crazy Facts About Dreams

There is a reason behind everything and that is exactly what’s worth sharing here. Dreams leave us confused sometimes and sometimes we have no idea about what we dreamt about. We can live a lavish life in our dream but when it comes to reality, that lavish life is hard to achieve. Ever wondered how would our life be without dreams? Well, the answer is life cannot exist without dreams and yes that’s a fact!

Here are some more crazy facts about dreams which probably you did not know. So check them out.


1)  You cannot snore and dream at the same time.


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2)  Most of us dream every 90 minutes and the longest dreams occur in the morning which last up to 30-45 minutes.


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3)  Dreams of dirty water may signal that the unconscious mind is telling the dreamer that he or she is unhealthy.


Source: whereblog.com


4)  Finding oneself in cemetery during a dream may indicate sadness or unresolved grief. It may also indicate the person’s “dead” past.


Source: globe-views.com


5)  Toddlers don’t star in their dreams until they are about three or four years old.


Source: pbs.org


6)  It’s not only human who dream, animals dream too. The best example is a dog; you will often see them twitching their paws if they are running in their dreams.

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7)  Vitamin B complex (B6) and John’s Wort have been showed to produce more vivid dreams.


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8)  Human beings spend roughly around 6 years of their life dreaming.


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9)  90% of the dream is lost the first minute we wake up.


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10)  The colder your house is the worst your dreams are.


Source: sidowson.org


11)  More women than men experience Déjà-vu in their dreams.


Source: sciencealert.com


12)  People who experience Sleep Paralysis hear voices and see strangers in their room.


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13)  Men tend to dream about men more often than women whereas women dream about both the genders.


Source: telegraph.co.uk


14)  An average person has about 1,460 dreams per year. That’s about 4 per night.


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15)  When deprived of dreams, people become irritable and disoriented. They also start hallucinating and show the signs of psychosis.


Source: depressivedisorder.blogspot.com


16)  Chronic smokers, who suddenly quit, report more vivid dreams than they had when they smoked.


Source: healthcare-smoker.org


17)  Nightmares happen more to kids than elders.


Source: kidshealthcare.org


18)  Blind people also dream, their dream is based on what they smell, touch and hear. People who become blind at early age still dream of the things which they have seen earlier.


Source: darkside.com


19)  You can control your dreams. Yes, you can manipulate, twist and turn the beginning and the climax of your dream!


Source: scientificamerican.com


20)  Dreams of children are shorter than the dream of adults.


Source: gallery.xemahndep.org

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