5 Ways In Which Entrepreneurship Is Changing India

Multinational company, big fat pay check, globalisation and what not! Just how many times have all of us come across these words emanating from the corporate side of things and not chuckled? At times, simply in awe of the way this sphere of life has swept us living in the so called big metropolitan cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Bangalore to quote, and at times, in lack of any admiration for the big bad corporate world.

References to get into big companies have always been part of popular student, learner folklore, especially in this part of the subcontinent, where let us be honest, we compete with each other in bizarre, unthinkable numbers just to simply get a break-in.

There was a time when the word “Jugaad” was a must have cupcake for all of us in addition to our glittering resume, in a bid to get a first hand exposure into the world with which there would be just no parting. After all, somewhere we had to shrug off that laziness and the final year college student’s life in a concerted effort to get noticed in the increasingly globalized corporate world.

Today, while we simply cannot rule out the importance of networking skills if one is to succeed in an achingly competitive world, “Jugaad”, the flattery confirming encomium is not the only ticket to ride glory. In the past decade and a half, the way Indian Entrepreneurship has risen to the growing demands of a globalized world converging to the point of a dot as exclaimed by Thomas Friedman, has not just impressed our country but has made the world stand up and take notice of India.

Let’s take a look at the 5 great positives that Entrepreneurship has given India


Start Ups


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If you were to understand the collective importance and significance of this simple word, you won’t have to necessarily head out to the nearest magazine stand to buy the latest edition of The Economist or the Time magazine. Simply, switch on any television channel and there are more chances of you bumping into a smiling and ambitious Indian being interviewed on the TV for his entrepreneurial exploits than that rudimentary cricket highlights or Saas Bahu repeat saga running on the other dragging television channel. There are more start ups in India and China put together than in any other part of the world. This off course isn’t to belittle the already belligerent economies of the Middle East and the United States.

Revolving on diverse strings of business such as e commerce, technology, medicine, liquor, retail, sports, fashion and whatnot, India is the searing source of some of the most dynamic and popular start up companies in the world.

Essentially, what this has done is that, it has catapulted India’s image of producing high- calibre and academically oriented and professionally successful professionals into a factory that harvests the best intellectual minds from a wide bouquet of fields. As a work force, our entrepreneurs nourish, ambitious, scalable and sustainable businesses that are made of an able mix of local expertise fitted to meet global necessities.


Apps for Everything


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Whether you want to have access to an app to call in for a local rickshaw or a city bound taxi, or you feel the need to be home delivered a book or some precious literature that you couldn’t find anywhere to simply finding a plethora of options to bake a cake in thousand different ways, all that you need today is to have just the right app, so that it may do for you what essentially a guide does for a traveller out on an alien shore- guides him to the right direction sans any troubles.

With the internet creating high tide of convenience for a world ever relying on the need for information, applications on smart phones have hit the bull’s eye in terms of data availability, giving us access to boundless information and knowledge, in a more personalized and custom fitted template of our wants.

Techies, gadget gurus, technology reviewers and the rising need to communicate in a widely cluttered world have only provided more pertinence to the need to have app’s as a way of the world being increasingly focused on immediate need fulfilment, thereby giving convenience and data accessibility the front line focus in deserves.


Global Competence


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Entrepreneurship has changed the way India as a country is perceived. What was once considered a prime indicator of us coming to terms with the way of the world is fast becoming an accomplished facet, hence a passé.

Imagine, there was a time when it was something spectacular to be working in a multinational organization. To be amongst a global work force was truly indicative of having arrived in the true sense.

Today, a management expert from anywhere in India locks horns with global competition in his domain and even employs foreign nationals, who come to him for guidance, career stability and in short, the need to be at the right organization to make a mark. This scenario was seen in the opposite light a decade ago, when working in the silicon valley was considered a great and perhaps, lasting sign of commercial and enterprise success. Today, our entrepreneurs have knocked big on the international gates of recognition, fame, competence and hence, success.


From a growing to a robust economy- a journey under transition


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There was a time when India was largely belittled, for the sake of an apt word in the true context, for its local, national and political upheavals and problems. It isn’t to suggest that we weren’t progressing then. We had all the big cars, a big democracy, a huge population living in metropolitan cities and we had those big fat pay cheque earners back in the good old days just as we have now.

Our  image was redolent of stuff we don’t see in the western world, largely reminiscent of lasting success, one that has echoed for years together on our footprint. Poverty, population and a set of big problems preceded everything that was ever written in a good, positive spirit about India. You would be wondering has everything changed now.

Today, the international press, before it looms large on its age old biases about India, spends meticulous time in observing, researching and ultimately, celebrating the talent pool that has emerged out of Indian Entrepreneurship.

From being a country that produced great techies in the formative years of our rise in the global arena , to being a hotspot of business boom, the more advanced economies of the world are all headed to the East: towards India, where our purchasing power increased, amidst the same sea of problems we find ourselves grappling with as a country.




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Entrepreneurship has been like a new ever expansive sunlight on the Indian horizon. Sports, Media, F&B, Fashion, E Commerce, Agriculture, Horticulture and emerging trends in technologies, all find their melting pot of purpose and sustenance in India. While we have the ever increasing support from a development pro government, we have found a globally employable workforce, that has risen from a harsh lineage of struggle in its bid to find glory and one which has now decided to discover the road less travelled. For all its intellectual might, spiritual ascendency and evocative cultural lineage, India, for long has been a discoverer’s delight and a traveller’s spice of new discovery. But, for a dynamic, promising and importantly, ever so hard working workforce, India has now become a land that not just promises to deliver but delivers on promises that were unspeakable before. This isn’t to convey that we are progressing smoothly. There are operational, infrastructural and planning issues that leave much to be desired, but at last, we have forayed to a greener pasture that lies ahead of the vacant area of finding high paying jobs and settling in the west. The answer is in Entrepreneurship.