5 Ways Technology Has Changed The World Since 90s

From 90s to 2010 and beyond: 5 technological changes that have defined Urban living


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We are living amidst times of great engineering and technological creation, ideation and discovery. But, it would be incorrect to construe that with the evolution of technology things have only become impersonal, insensitive or too mechanical.

A discovery whose basic essence is convention and meeting a need or necessity by way of ideation, not every aspect of our life governed by technology is bound for castigation. It shouldn’t be. There is an alternative or simply, a flip side to everything.

Just like we cannot blame social media for creeping into our personal lives since its us who are confronted by its multiple layers of entertainment and we cannot hold population or traffic on the road as a doomsday for our country, we cannot afford to miscalculate. Who has caused traffic or population explosion? Even in these times besieged by unthinkable problems especially if you are in a metro city, there are many sweeping changes brought about by innovating and adapting technology to serve various needs. We take a look at some:


Skype: the way we communicate


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Gone are the days when you would only find personal one-on-one interviews or interactions as a means to recruit talent. The days of finding enterprising youth lost amidst their monumental journey in the Silicon Valley using technology to communicate in much needed times are a rarity.

Even parents, when communicating with their youngsters who are abroad making careers make use of video chat technology that isolate physical boundaries and differences and bring hearts closer. We call it Skype.

Today, even meetings and important role calls are held over Skype. Technology has certainly diminished physical distances


Travelling: the way we commute


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Stuck in bad traffic and getting multiple calls from your office? An angry wife awaits you as you are stuck in a road block whilst returning from work, making you sick and upset? Move over conventional methods and go for a metro ride.

Technology has even entered a personal convenient space never explored previously in the 21st century. Just take a minute to think about the number of times you could have avoided getting into loggerheads with the same bad traffic situation, had you taken to the metro?

Today, it is unthinkable not be using metro rail while living in the totally stuffed confines of a modern metro city in India. The invention has lead to a sea change in the way we travel, communicate and connect with the city and its lovely people concentrated in the last mile of the town.


Make Shift Offices: Virtual offices


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For over a decade, we had physical and technological infrastructure making our work at our respective workplaces fun, interactive but, repetitive.

Today, there is a concept of virtual office that exists in the online space and connects you with the rest of your team in your glowing organization.

The 21st century workforce of a highly insular but organized world is one that is constantly mobile and receptive of the technological need to make work easy and fun to do. With virtual offices existing for some of the biggest Corporate names to the last name you can find in brand new start up marketplace, technology is once again enabling a driving workforce achieve better.


The way we click pictures: selfie


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To the most easily exhausted among us or the shy ones, standing in a group and posing for a group photograph can be a torrid experience. It isn’t too appealing to hear your name being dragged into one of those grungy family portraits or in those sleepy and highly impersonal gatherings. Move over camera man, it is time for a selfie.

The word phrased by an Aussie, is now emblematic of the way we capture our most rudimentary or exquisite moments.

Some call clicking constant selfies as a sign of being perplexed by the real world, hence resorting to a narcissist way of being, while others simply feel it is a harmless and intimate way of being in a world constantly being swept by a high tide in the technological improvements. Whatever it is, we don’t mind being part of a selfie, do we?


The way we shop: E Commerce


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Blame technology for all you may or wish to nag about, but you have to give credit where it’s worth. Today, we have at our disposal at a single harmless click of our phone or personal machine a whole wide world of shopping.

Together, with our entourage of friends and family, we can access a sprawling network of e- retailers and buy all we need and at the convenience of our household, without much ado.

Whether it’s that creamy suit piece for your dad you wish to buy or surprise mom with a great necklace, there is so much to be happy about whilst shopping in the cosy domains of your bedroom.