7 Reasons Why Gay Marriage Should Not Be Legalised In India

It’s Gay Pride month everywhere (except India), so what’s better than knowing why marriage equality shouldn’t be legalised in India? (cue; sarcasm)


1)  It’s a modern invention !

Who cares when research says that the world’s first gay person lived 4,900 years ago? It’s all a modern invention. Gays never existed until today and this is all due to the westerners bringing their trends into our religious and holy country. Blame the foreigners!


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2)  It’s a disease!

Of course it’s a disease! These foreigners have injected the country with this disease and we have to seek medical treatment to get rid of it, because obviously, only medical treatment can cure us from this disease.


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3)  It’s against religion!

Most religions have clearly stated that being gay is against their norms and call it a sin and unholy. They are paraphrasing books written thousands of years ago. God wants all his children to be happy and God himself made all of us, so being gay is against God because god made you that way. SAY WHAAAAT?!


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4)  Children born to Homosexual parents are Homosexual.

The most popular myth we’ve heard. If straight parents give birth to children who are gay, Gay children give birth to children who are gay. Because nobody cares about science and logic.


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5)  Marriage is about raising children and LGBT couples can’t have kids, so they don’t need to marry.

We agree! Being happy and content as a person doesn’t matter at all. All you need to do is get married so you can have kids and increase the country’s population because anyway, our goal is to beat China, right?


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6)  Gay relationships don’t last as long as straight ones.

70% of straight married couples opt for divorce because they can’t stay together. But who cares? Everyone knows that gay relationships don’t last, so what’s the point of changing the law for something that won’t work anyway?


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7)  Marriage is an ancient tradition and shouldn’t be changed!

Marriage has been practiced widely for thousand of years. Something that ancient shouldn’t be changed or altered no matter what. Even if it costs someone’s happiness because obviously, following traditions are way more important than being happy.


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