9 Epic Delivery Trolls Of The Year. #3 Is Hilarious!!

Imagine you come home from an errand of grocery shopping etc. and you are trying to open your door and wham!!! Here falls on your head the FedEx Parcel you were waiting for;

Or what about you plan to surprise your mom with an online purchased gift and the instruction about the purchase is written right on top of the gift box where your beloved mother can see?

Grrrr… well few customers really had a tough time.
After these master piece ideas of the delivery men, you would pity the recipients or roll over laughing.

1) Knock Louder

UPS man had a clear instruction to follow. Wonder if they called an electrician to fix the bell?


2) Speedo Delivery?

Must be a secret mission delivery that they had to car crash for privacy


3) Following Orders, Hmmm!!



You asked me to!! We thrive to please our clients.


4) Mom must be ROFLing

Do you understand the meanings of ‘surprise’ and ‘live together’?


5) Ode to the Grecian Urn



ROFL… No Words!


6) Jeepers Creepers – FedEx



Indian version of spitting beetle nuts mixture! What on earth is inside the box?


7) Spiderman Delivery

I might launch down anytime, careful!


8) I am here, in the Bush

Smart enough!!


9) Hello, up there!



Your parcel is safe up here.

Last but not the least…

What were you thinking delivery man? How on earth that’s going to come out, I wonder?

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