9 YouTube Vloggers You Should Definitely Follow For Your Daily Dose Of Entertainment

YouTube is hands down one of the most popular social media platforms, packed with content on almost everything that you need; whether it is entertainment, comedy, science and technology, DIY videos, reviews, recipes, travel, fashion and lifestyle. We are sure you have heard the names Technical Guruji, Traveling Desi, Mountain Trekker & so on (and if not then we are going to reveal these super popular youtubers who will get you hooked onto their vlogs). Almost everyone has a bunch of favourite YouTube vloggers and they follow them religiously. Although a large number of people in India may be having a YouTube channel there are only a handful of them who have successfully made a mark for themselves.

Here is a list of famous youtubers who bring vlogs and videos from different fields to the table:

1) Mountain Trekker (Varun Vagish)

YouTube Subscribers: 1.29 Million

An ex-journalist and news reader, Varun has been successfully travelling to and exploring remote corners of the country for over one and a half decades. He is also the recipient of the National Award by the Ministry of Tourism. His USP is travelling to different places on a minimal budget. He has also travelled to International locations and recently has uploaded various vlogs from Serbia on his YouTube Channel.

2) Jatt Prabhjyot

YouTube Subscribers: 1.65 Million

He is a famous travel and food vlogger. His immense love for motorbikes is reflected through his YouTube videos. A software engineer by profession, Prabhjyot has managed to gather a large fan following on Instagram and YouTube with his lifestyle vlogs and videos.

3) Travelling Desi (Mohit Manocha)

YouTube Subscribers: 1.15 Million

The highlight of Mohit Manocha’s videos is that he travels to various places on a shoestring budget. He also provides his viewers with overall detailed information about the travel in a short span of time, thus making his vlogs more informative.

4) Sejal Kumar

YouTube Subscribers: 1.29 Million

YouTube personality and video blogger, Sejal Kumar started creating videos in 2014. Apart from fashion, her videos are also related to dance, music and lifestyle. In 2018, she also established her own clothesline. Sejal bagged the Best Lifestyle Blogger in Cosmopolitan India Blogger Awards 2019. Recently, she released her first original song, ‘Aisi Hun’.

5) Technical Guruji

YouTube Subscribers: 19.8 Million

Based in UAE, Gaurav Chaudhary is a YouTube personality who is professionally known as Technical Guruji. The main USP is that he makes technology related vlogs in Hindi, thus catering to a larger audience. Also his videos are easy to understand even for those who aren’t very efficient with technical things. He also been featured in Forbes India’s 30 under 30.

6) Nisha Madhulika

YouTube Subscribers: 10.6 Million

Chef Nisha Madhulika is a well-known YouTube personality and a restaurant consultant. She has written various food columns in newspapers like Times of India, Amar Ujala and Dainik Baskar amongst others. In 2016, she was named by Economic Times as among ‘India’s top 10 YouTube superstars’. Her top-notch Indian food recipes are what makes her channel so sought after.

7) Sandeep Maheshwari

YouTube Subscribers: 17.4 Million

Sandeep is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur and photographer. He is the CEO and founder of ImagesBazaar- world’s largest collection of Indian images. His life changing seminars and sessions are a major hit especially amongst the youth. Maheshwari has also been featured in leading magazines, newspapers and on television channels like ET Now, NewsX and IBN7.

8) TsMadaan

YouTube Subscribers: 9.55 Million

He runs a free Hindi life changing videos YouTube channel with which he aims to change people’s lives through motivational speech and self-help lectures. TsMadaan is one of the top motivational speakers in India, with an involvement in the field for over 39 years. His videos are a good mixture of education, information and humour.

9) Fact Techz (Rakesh Kumar)

YouTube Subscribers: 14.9 Million

He started posting videos in 2016 on YouTube. Since his childhood, he had been a science enthusiast and hence aimed at creating informative videos for the masses. Rakesh Kumar is also the first YouTuber in the world to gain more than 1 million subscribers in less than a year.

All images sourced from youtube.com