Bangalore-A Land Of Varied Experiences

A fun-feast of moist experiences,
Each that bring a surprise, and each growing on ones who get to feel them
The vibrancy of the city is carried by the breeze running freely,
As if to connote that warmth and charm are the city’s emblem



Music and fanfare, Love-struck weather flowing in the air
There is gadgets, IT, Technology and more
The fragrance of souls here is of honesty, little place for any kind of morose



What is ravishing cannot always be sun kissed with colors
Here what is valued more is kindness and simplicity, not rupee or dollars
Here Pink may not always be a judgmental color
But may well be the first love as the first name of the enigma called Floyd
For the windows to the mind to the music to the soul, there is genuine love for The Doors



Loudness, shenanigans, ill manners and temper hardly have any place,
Softness and subtlety are the mighty novelty of a city glowing with simplicity



There is sense, meaning and purpose in the words love, peace and youth
And, must it be said there is zero tolerance for the uncouth



A sense of pride in unity
A dedication to the country and a duty toward the city
These are some glorious facets that shine on- Bangalore
A place where dreams are fulfilled with effort, passion and warmth,
A wonderland where surprises engulf with happiness galore