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Brothers aspires to be this technical sports film, but is unable to land a single punch on target. A remake of the 2011 film Warrior, Brothers is just another family drama. What sets it apart from the rest is that the movie revolves around the spine-chilling backdrop of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Akshay Kumar and Sidharth Malhotra play brothers David and Monty and they’re both sons of Jackie Shroff and grow up as two completely different people.



David decides to leave the street life and becomes a teacher instead while Monty still carries out fighting that he learnt from his dad as a kid.

The film opens with Jackie being released from prison and we get a little flashback of how he ended up there and how his sons perceive him. Jacqueline Fernandez plays David(Akshay’s) wife and their  little daughter is fighting a fatal illness, being the major reason driving David to fight. Karan Malhotra takes a lot of time to build up the drama and winds his character with finer details that doesn’t even matter to the story. At all.



Monty and David’s fight and whether the two brothers make peace with their past and put it behind them or take the road of revenge is what the film is all about. Two and half hours of fighting and overly violent melodramatic family drama isn’t what one would expect the movie to be like.

Until intermission, relentless melodrama is thrown our way with all tears and flashbacks even when it’s entirely unnecessary. Jackie as the father has done a pretty impressive job.



Sidharth looks the part, though. Right from bulking up, getting that rage in his eyes, to making sure he gets those heavy fight sequences perfectly, we know the actor has worked really hard. What we don’t get, is why he’s fighting his brother. His emotions are not justified and nothing in context to the hatred he has for his brother makes sense. The climax fight and the ending is ridiculously abrupt. The music is below average, and doesn’t attract viewers at all.

If you are a massive Akshay Kumar fan and enjoy wrestling matches and violent fight sequences, this movie might impress you. If not, you can skip watching this one.

We rate 2/5!

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