Can You Solve This Riddle What Has A Head And A Tail, Is Brown, But Has No Legs

Riddles are fun and especially the mind twisting riddles which are so simple yet we fight a lot to find out the answers. The encouragement of creative thinking that one gets from the riddles is the real punch. The comparisons, calculations, associations and many other logics that we have to apply to solve the riddles enhance the cognitive power of our minds and make us walk the positive direction. The out of the box thinking is a must in solving a riddle.

This riddle might appear easy to you but the more you think the most twisted it becomes. Let’s see if you can find out the answer.

So the simple appearing riddle says: What has a head and a tail, is gray, but has no legs?

Hmmm… Seems easy right? But do you think you have done enough thinking for the answer? If not? Here is a hint: The answer to the riddle does not have a trunk at all.



If that confused you more, here is another hint to add up to your wild guesses: The answer is a daily thing and you probably see it or use it every day.



Here is the last and the most direct clue that will lead you to the answer very swiftly; It also comes in a paper form and it is for what everybody is rushing around on all the weekdays.



So, do you think you have got the answer?
What has a head and a tail, is gray, but has no legs

The answer is …… “a rupee coin”.



The point here is that a rupee coin has a head side as well as a tail side, but in any case not in a literal form. Which means, no head no tail.



So how close were you to the answer? For me definitely, this was a tricky question which made me think a little more.