Can You Spot The Dancing Ballerina Amongst The Flamingos? 99% Can’t. Click Here To Find Out.

All of us must have come across some of the interesting puzzles telling us to spot the odd one out from a given picture. However, these puzzles are frustrating at times as these require complete concentration as well as focus. Also, one needs to have a considerable amount of patience to solve such tricky puzzles.



Similarly, when you start to find a hidden object in a puzzle, you just can’t look away until you have found the hidden object. We have had millions of them like cats hidden in logs, cartoon Oscar statues lost in the sea of C-3Po’s or mobile phones lost on rugs. But here is the latest one wherein you will need to find the pink dancing ballerina hidden amongst hundreds of pink flamingos.

This amazing brainteaser was created by Dancewear Central to celebrate all the dancers. We have some other riddle cum illusions for you to solve:



The Mobile Illusion

Look for the mobile phone placed on this printed piece of rug. You need to widen your eyelids and look closely in order to find the hidden phone.





Bodybuilder Scooby

Meanwhile we also found that bodybuilder Scooby found a screen grab from one of his videos going viral when it seemed a little rude to the social media users. His chest happened to look like a woman’s bum in a compromising position.



Earlier this year, a photograph of a man trying to kiss a baby went viral for a similar reason.