Self Respect Quotes – A Compilation

Over the past few years, people have started realizing the importance of self-respect. Terms like ‘self- respect’, ‘self-worth’, ‘self-love’ are being used commonly. As commonly as these terms are being used, are these also being applied n the real life? The answer is simple! If we want to live a fulfilling and respectful life, we … Read more

Got Your Netflix Subscription? Start With These Most Popular Netflix Series

Netflix, an entertainment platform has a wide variety of movies, shows, series, and documentaries. It has emerged widely during the lockdown. Now People have engaged towards the OTT platform. Shows are available across the world in different languages. Here are some of the most popular Netflix series available: Money Heist (La casa de papel) is … Read more

Did You Know? 7 Facts About Ramayan Which Will Make You Feel Proud & Nostalgic At The Same Time

India’s most popular TV show ever, Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan, has recently started re-telecasting on Doordarshan. In an era of early days of television in India, the popularity of the TV show is still remembered and talked about by the audience, young and old. We bring you a few unknown facts about the TV show which … Read more

5 Little Known Destinations You Can’t Miss On Your Next Trip To Europe

Few places on god’s mighty earth shine with as much timelessness as they are drenched in natural beauty. Asia is home to economic juggernauts. The United States is where the dreams come true. Middle East reminds us of culture and just why they say peace is ephemeral. Australia is where possibilities and ambitions find enterprise. … Read more