With These Exercises You Can Build Fantastic Abs At Home

With the emergence of gym culture in the last couple of years, exercising, for many people, has become synonymous with using the equipment. Whenever a conversation about workouts springs up, it inevitably leads to us discussing the efficacy of dumbbells, sit up bars. Now, while there is no denying that these equipment do assist your … Read more

Self Respect Quotes – A Compilation

Over the past few years, people have started realizing the importance of self-respect. Terms like ‘self- respect’, ‘self-worth’, ‘self-love’ are being used commonly. As commonly as these terms are being used, are these also being applied n the real life? The answer is simple! If we want to live a fulfilling and respectful life, we … Read more

Secret Tips For Healthy Hair – Hair Nutrition & More

Everyone wants their hair to be thick, strong, shiny and above all, healthy. However, hair growth is not something that can be attained overnight. Working towards your hair nutrition is gradual yet possible. There are a lot of factors that affect the quality of hair, such as genetics, medication, environment, stress levels, hormones, and diet. … Read more

7 Reasons Why Stretching Exercises Are Important For You While Working Long Hours From Home

With most of us confined to the four walls of our homes owing to the recent pandemic, our fitness levels have dipped and physical activity has invariably been affected and has comparatively reduced as well. Amidst the hullabaloo of managing both work life and personal life simultaneously, there is one thing you can incorporate into … Read more

What is Quinoa Called In India, 3 Types, Health Benefits, Quinoa Hindi Name in India

Quinoa (pronounced: keen-wah) is a grain crop primarily known for it’s edible seeds. So, one might wonder, what is the Quinoa Hindi name in India or what is Quinoa called in India? Although, the scientific name of Quinoa is “Chenopodium quinoa”, in India it is sometimes called as “bathua” (Scientific name: “Chenopodium album”) because it … Read more

Choosing Health Over Junk Food

There is a common phenomenon that has left a mark on people for decades now. It is something that affects us mentally and physically and  propels us to believe that we truly are imperfect. This perception that people have developed over the years is called “being fat”. You may be tall or short, dark or … Read more

8 Basic Do-It-At-Home Exercises To Keep You Fit & Healthy

“The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen.” We belong to a generation in which the people are struggling hard to become financially and socially stable. In their long run, they forget to spare even a second for their health and wellness. Some people might prepare a planner to start, but will drop … Read more

Move Aside Green Tea, Green Coffee Is Here

Many say it is difficult to gain something but really hard to lose it. This theory is not applicable to gaining weight. A little cheat here, an extra serving there and all of a sudden, you are twice your size. But to lose all that you’ve gained requires blood, sweat and tears and that is … Read more