Remembering Steve Waugh’s Heroics, On and Off the Pitch

  An All round cricketer Source: It’s pretty hard to describe a gentleman that goes by the name of Steve Waugh. Some hold him as the greatest Australian captain to have ever graced the cricket field, others hold him high in the top echelons of outstanding Cricketers. While some call him the greatest Australian … Read more

Shivnarine Chanderpaul : An inglorious end to a Cricketing Warlord

For a long time now, West Indies cricket has remained buried under scathing sands of controversies. Whether it is their poor selection strategies, frequently fluctuating chop-and-change policies in selecting their squads, or meting out harsh and indifferent treatment to their promising firebrand of cricketers, it seems nothing is going in favour of the once mighty … Read more