Bangalore-A Land Of Varied Experiences

A fun-feast of moist experiences, Each that bring a surprise, and each growing on ones who get to feel them The vibrancy of the city is carried by the breeze running freely, As if to connote that warmth and charm are the city’s emblem Source: Music and fanfare, Love-struck weather flowing in the air … Read more

5 Beautiful Islands Very Close To India

As it is rightly said by Sir Richard Burton, “The gladdest moment in human life, is a departure into unknown lands.” Here are some of the islands near India for all those people who love traveling.   1)  Andaman and Nicobar Islands Source: Andaman and Nicobar are a group of 572 scenic islands in … Read more

Delhi-The Bargain Capital

Delhi has the best markets of the country. It is considered to be a treat for all shopaholics. Here are the top markets of Delhi which every visitor should check out: 1)    JANPATH:  It is a market where all the trendy stuff can be found. It attracts a large number of Indian and foreign visitors … Read more

Goa Overcrowded & Expensive? Kashid-Your best alternative

  1)  It is the quieter, untouched cousin of Alibaug Source: Called the poor man’s Goa, Kashid beach is just ahead of Alibaug, reachable via ST bus after a 2 hour trip through ferry and bus (Gateway of India -> Mandwa -> Alibaug) or directly by road should one desire so. It is devoid … Read more

City of Pearls

Hyderabad, despite its rather bloody history at the time of Independence and the myriad changes brought by time, has managed to retain its traditional charm and still attracts not just the odd tourist, but many a traveler and poet through the years. Sourced manually I could go on to describe in detail the list of … Read more

Fort on the Water!

If places were songs, the number “Don’t Worry Be Happy” would probably be Goa.   Pic sourced at – Goa is largely synonymous with beaches and the hippie movement in India. But beyond these, the state has a fascinating history lined with Portuguese influence. Fort Aguada is one such remnant.   Location and Terrain … Read more