COVID – 19: Lockdown Extended Till May 3 – 7 Important Points You Should Know

In his address to the nation at 10 AM in the morning, PM Narendra Modi announced the extension of lockdown till May 3 amidst the growing numbers of Corona positive cases. Many states had already extended lockdown till April 30 and their CMs had requested the PM to extend the lockdown for additional 2 weeks.

1) All districts, cities, states will be closely monitored till April 20th. During this time there will be a stricter lockdown. All those places that do not convert to hotspots or those who follow the lockdown seriously showing zero Corona positive cases will be allowed some flexibility for the further lockdown period. This seems like a step to encourage people to follow lockdown seriously since up till now there were a lot of instances of people taking the lockdown leniently.

2) On Wednesday, i.e. April 15th, the centre will announce detailed guidelines for the higher restriction lockdown till April 20th as well as the flexible lockdown which will be implemented conditionally thereafter.

3) Soon after PM Narendra Modi’s address ot the nation, DGCA announced further suspension of all domestic and international flights. Earlier the airlines had started booking tickets from April 14th onwards.

4) India has so far been successful in containing the Corona virus cases and preventing the pandemic from community spread stage. Countries that started with similar numbers as India’s, have now become 25 to 30 times.

5) PM Modi requested all citizens to download the Aarogya Setu App (click here for details).

6) PM Modi also requested all citizens to take care of the elderly especially those with pre existing diseases & use home made cloth masks.

7) He also requested citizens to help the needy & poor in this time of need & crisis. He also requested the employers to keep paying salaries and not fire the employees.

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