COVID 19 Vaccine Trials Start, Who Is Sarah Gilbert & Why Is She The Only Hope?

Amidst the rising crisis of the COVID 19 pandemic, which is the biggest pandemic that the World has ever seen there is a ray of hope in terms of the vaccine that is beginning human trials today.

The Oxford university is starting the trials for a vaccination developed by the team of Professor Sarah Gilbert and other immunity and human genetics scientists who have been working on the vaccine since January 2020.


So, why the hopes of the World are high with this clinical trial? The answer is, the same team had developed a vaccine for MERS – a virus similar to COVID 19 – and had been successful earlier. Also, according to her page on the Oxford University website, she has developed vaccines for Ebola and other Influenza like viruses and her field of expertise is listed as “Vaccines for malaria”. She and her team are confident that they ll be able to solve the COVID19 problem soon and eradicate it from the World. We hope and pray for the success of their trials.

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