Did You Know What These Buttons Stood For On A Calculator?



We forget friends easily, don’t we? Those friends who have been our childhood exam partners, the companion who has solved many of our cos, tan and sin problems selflessly and yet here we are, years later, wondering whether we have truly understood its value. Confused?

Yes, here I am talking of that electronic gadget, which was our frenzied ally in school, a calculator.


Every person, whether he is dumb or a mathematician, regardless, must have used a calculator at least a hundred times in his life. And yet, we still are clueless about its complete functions and operations. Although, the single most used button is the ‘+’, a calculator is more than just ‘+’, ‘=’, ‘-‘and sq. roots. So, raising the curtain from the Greek and Latin of a calculator, here are few important calculator buttons the usage of which we should know.



• +/- : This button changes the current number on the screen to positive or negative
• AC: This ‘All Clear’ button clears the previously made calculations and brings it to zero.
• CE: ‘Clear Entry’ basically denotes deletion of the last entered digit or formula
• MS: Indicates ‘Memory Store’. Once pressed, it stores the digits you enter thereafter
• MRC: Memory Recall button lets you to use the numbers or formula that has been saved.
• M+/M: ‘Memory add /Memory subtracts’ button adds or subtracts entered number from the memory.