15 Amazing Places For Your Next Family Vacation in the United States

With Christmas and New Year time approaching, it’s a great thing to plan your family vacation. Traveling with your family, at least once or twice a year gives you so many memories that can be cherished lifetime.

From mountains, and beaches, to Disneyland, every place is unique and gives a different experience to the visitor. Let’s have a look at 15 amazing places that you can consider for the upcoming family vacation.

1. Glacier National Park, Montana

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Source: Travel Triangle

Owing to global warming, most of the glaciers are disappearing. It’s a great thought to plan a trip to glacier national park, Montana where you can do multiple things. Try biking on Going-to-the-Sun Road and get to experience the most scenic view in the world. You can also go hiking or biking to this place but try going early morning to avoid any traffic.

2. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

It’s a beautiful ski resort and home to Grand Teton national Park. You can do different outdoor activities here such as rafting the Snake River, touring the magical ice castle, and ice skating in Teton village.

3. Miami Beach, Florida

Drive alongside the ocean and enjoy the view. During your family vacation, kids can see animals and enjoy in Jungle Island. They can also get some fun education at Jungle Island.

4. Denver, Colorado

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Source: Wikipedia

Enjoy the 100 years old Denver zoo. Young kids can experiment in the test kitchen, get drenched in outdoor splash, and dance in the bubble room. Do get a ride in the free open-air Denver trolley.

5. Millennium Park, Chicago

Flaunt a pose in front of the Cloud Gate sculpture and tease your friends. Enjoy the cool splash in the animated Crown Fountain. You can also avail free activities like yoga or take rental bikes to visit Navy Pier nearby.

6. Dinosaur Valley State Park, Texas

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Source: tpwd.texas.gov

Obsessed with the history of Dinosaurs? Well, don’t forget to go to Dinosaur Valley state park for this Family vacation. You will find huge footprint traces of Dinosaurs in the Paluxy river.

7. Cedar Point Amusement Park

Enjoy the biggest roller coaster ride on a track of more than 10 miles. The wooden roller coaster, blue streak dates back to 1964.

8. 9/11 Memorial & Museum

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Source: CitysightNY

Everyone has heard of the 9/11 tragedy but it would be a unique experience to visit Ground Zero.The exhibition is divided into three parts, i.e. before 9/11, during 9/11, and after 9/11.

9. Buckingham Palace

Bring the King and Queens and the palace stories to real life and watch where the real King, Queen, and Prince live.

10. St. Lucia

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Source: Viator.com

Watch out for the world’s only “drive-in” volcano, La Soufriere. Cool and relax under the waterfall. Let’s kids enjoy pouring mud at each other, after all, they don’t get to do this at their home, isn’t it?

11. Florida’s Space Coast

Let your kid be an astronaut for a day and take the experience. Take a tour around mission control, enjoy lunch with an astronaut and get a unique experience with Astronaut Training Experience Programme.

12. Niagara Falls, New York

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Source: Uncovering New York

Can’t miss this for sure! Save this place for your next family vacation. Watching six million cubic feet of water falling every minute is a thrilling experience in itself.

13. Canada’s Rockies by Rail

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Source: National Geographic

Enjoy a train ride? Well, book a 11 days Vancouver to Toronto rail trip that covers wheat fields, glaciers turn into cowboy country and Toronto city for sure.

14. The Strong National Museum of Play

Every kid would love to go to this place again and again. Enjoy historical video games at eGame Revolution, read the world’s largest pop-up book, or enjoy superheroes at the American Comic Book Heroes exhibition.

15. Grand Canyon National Park

A gorge that is 277 miles long and 6,000 feet deep, with millions of years old rocks, definitely deserves a visit once in a lifetime. Bike or hike the place and enjoy the beauty.

So, these are some amazing places that you can consider for your next family vacation.

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