17 Most Famous Food of Bihar, Litti Chokha Recipe & Other Bihari Food Delicacies

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Bihar, a state in eastern India, is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and diverse culinary traditions. The famous food of Bihar reflects the state’s historical and geographical influences, combining flavors from Mughal, Mauryan, and Bhojpuri cuisines. Known for its simplicity and distinct taste, Bihari cuisine offers a tantalizing array of dishes that are a treat for the taste buds.

From the delectable litti chokha, a traditional baked wheat-flour ball stuffed with spiced gram flour, to the mouthwatering sattu paratha, a flatbread filled with roasted gram flour and spices, the cuisine of Bihar never fails to impress with its unique blend of flavors and textures. Let’s embark on a culinary journey through the famous food of Bihar and discover its gastronomic delights.

Famous Food of Bihar – Litti Chokha & Others

Kesar Pedas

famous food of bihar

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Starting with something sweet, Kesar Pedas are an essential part of the food of this state and one of the most famous food of bihar.

Dal Peetha

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These Bihari dumplings made of rice flour and stuffed with lentil are just like momos.


famous food of bihar

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Another Bihari snack that you just can’t resist having is Khaja which is made of wheat, sugar and mawa. They are one of the most famous food of bihar.

Litti Choka

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This dish does not need an introduction. It is one of the gems of Bihari recipes. One of the most popular bihari food which is widely known all across the world. Here is the recipe for Litti Chokha. Its is the most famous food of bihar not only known in India, but also across the world.

Litti Chokha Recipe

Mutton and Reshmi Kebabs

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The scrumptious non-vegetarian delicacies like mutton kebabs and reshmi kebabs are other stars of Bihari cuisine.


famous food of bihar

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A syrupy fried assortment made of milk, flour, bananas and sugar. This dessert is a must have in this list of most famous food of bihar.

Kadhi Badi

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Another staple in a Bihari kitchen which is made of gram flour is Kadhi Badi and a must include in this list of most famous food of bihar.


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This is a special type of kheer prepared during Chatt Puja.


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This sweet assortment is served as prashad in the famous Hanuman Mandir near Patna Railway Station.

Laung Latika

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This one is a traditional sweet of Bihari culture which you can specifically relish during festivals.


famous food of bihar

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Laai is lightly fried ball-shaped munchie made with cereal drenched in jaggery syrup.

Kala Jamun

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This is a deep fried sugary recipe made with mawa, milk and sugar.

Puri Bhaaji

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This one is the staple food item that is mostly consumed in every Bihari household.


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A heavenly dessert from the lands of Bihar, Chandrakala is very similar to Gujia.


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This is yet another Bihari wonder that is sweet in taste.


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One of the commonest snacks you can have in Bihar is Thekua made with the mixture of jaggery and wheat flour.

Parwal Sweet

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A sweet made of a vegetable; well, it seems Biharis can turn anything into a sweet!


What is the famous food of Patna (Bihar)?

Patna being the capital of Bihar, all Bihari Cuisine items are enjoyed and consumed in Patna. Some of the most famous foods of Patna are:
1) Chana Ghugni
2) Dal Peetha
3) Khaja
4) Litti- Chokha
5) Mal Pua
6) Maner Ladoo
7) Mutton and Reshmi Kebabs
8) Pedakiya
9) Thekua

Is Bihari food healthy?

A lot of food items prepared in Bihar using the traditional Bihari Food cooking recipe are healthy foods. Apart from Litti Chokha, Choora Bhuja, Sattu Ka Paratha and Suran Chutney are all healthy Bihari food items.

What are the famous sweets of Bihar?

Bihari food cuisine offers very popular dessert options. Here are some examples of famous sweets of Bihar:
1) Thekua
2) Laai
3) Khaja
4) Anarsa
5) Malpua
6) Khurma And Laktho
7) Kheer Makhana
8) Balushahi
9) Parwal Ki Mithai

What is Bihar state food?

Litti Chokha, undoubtedly, is the state food of Bihar. Not only in Bihar, Litti Chokha is popular across the World for its simple to prepare method and delicious taste.

What is the breakfast in Bihar?

Bihari food cuisine is known for simple and healthy breakfast options. Here are some example:
1) Dahi Chura (Poha)
2) Chana Ghugni
3) Sattu Kachori with Jalebi
4) Paratha Bhujia

Hope you are ready to provide your tongue with these mouth-watering recipes whenever to head to Bihar.

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