Father’s Day-A Poem Dedicated to All the Fathers


Just Like My Father

I remember when I was five,
Fell from my bike and scratched my knee.
I ran up to him, tears running down my cheeks,
He picked me up, asked me to try and said I’ll succeed.

I saw him work all day and night,
To fulfil our wants and needs,
He made sure everything was perfectly right,
And that his family slept in peace.

He treated my mother with love and respect,
Promised to hold her hand throughout his life,
We saw the love in his eyes,
As he called her his beautiful wife.

He taught us the true meaning of independence,
Told us that everyone deserved respect.
He taught us to do our best until we fall,
And keep trying without feeling small.

He stayed with us through thick and thin,
Like a pillar to a house,
His love binding us like fences,
Never letting our smiles turn to frowns.

Sometimes I wonder how life would be,
If he wasn’t around,
Who would motivate me to give my best?
Who would get rid of all the frowns?

One day when I have my own family,
I’ll love them with all I have,
I’ve pledged to love and take care of them,
Just like my father always had.