Look Who Was Caught Having An Underwater Selfie!! You ll Be Surprised.



So, a crab finds a lost GoPro Camera and takes a selfie. However, he gets bored of it after sometime and moves on. Strange isn’t it?

This incident took place in a fishing area in England. It all started when a family, on the occasion of a birthday celebration, went for fishing on July 7th 2016 and caught a year old GoPro fishing camera in their fishing net. Although, the camera was decayed for being in salt water for so long, the SD card was intact and functioning. Dan Rose posted the video in the hopes of finding the true owner. However, the selfie crab attracted so many viewers that within 14 hours, the owner contacted Dan Rose.



His YouTube post said, “So this happened… We decided to go fishing and with the first cast of the night my sisters (Madeline Rose) fishing rod pulls up a GoPro camera! I have made this video public so that it can be shared around so that hopefully the SD card and camera can be returned to its rightful owner! The date of the original footage was 13/08/15 and it was found on 05/07/16.”

One of his comments said, “The owner was found in the first 14 hours! I am just waiting on dates to meet up and return the SD card. Should be next week sometime, watch out for the follow up video!

Watch The Complete Video Below.

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