First Time In Many Years, Ganga Water Is ‘Fit For Drinking’. Details Inside.

The countrywide lockdown has led to a highly reduced number of people visiting Haridwar for various religious ceremonies on the banks of Ganga. Many industries have also been shut down since the lockdown began. Due to the lockdown effect, the water in Ganga has been now tested to be ‘fit for drinking’. The government has been trying for years to clean the water but it could not be done even after spending crores of rupees for various schemes, but due to the lockdown the water has reached drinkable limits.


According to Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board, for water to be drinkable, it should have at least 7mg/litre of dissolved oxygen. The current level is at 8.9 mg/litre upstream and 8.3 mg/litre downstream. Although, technically the water is drinkable, we highly discourage the water to be consumed without expert opinion (not that you ll be able to visit Haridwar anytime soon due to the lockdown).

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