Funny: If Only These Bollywood Translators Knew How To Trans-literate!

Subtitles are that part of cinema that keeps us glued to a foreign language movie. Dialogues comprise 85% of a motion-picture and translating each emotion to its right sense is very important. And yes, it is indeed a difficult job. But if the translation goes wrong, then the crux of the movie is completely compromised. Bollywood movies are famous across the globe for their thumkas and jhumkas; but these 10 translation fiascos will make our global audience rethink of watching another of our movies.


1) When the translator is fancying something erotic. Dude, you need a break!



2) Come, let’s do some English Learning, Translator



3) I wonder what kind of song would have such dreadful lyrics. Or is it the translator mentally transported himself to the moon?



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