Have You Heard About This ‘Upside Down’ Cafe?

This world is full of weird things. Every now and then, we come across something or the other outrageous that startles us to great extent.





Here is one more weird thing that has been found happening in the world. It is the upside down café called Toppel’s House located in Wertheim Germany. Just by looking at the house, it feels that the moment you enter inside, you are sure to get a migraine and if not that, it would definitely leave you mind-numbing. This weird yet amazing café is owned by a family in Germany and they are popularly known as the Toppels.

For the ones who are still thinking it to be a gimmick made just to attract people, they must know that its interior is in an inverted position as well. In fact, the key areas of the house like bedrooms, kitchen, living room, and also the washrooms are in an upside down position. The coffee and beer that are served here are also given in inverted mugs.



By visiting here just once, the visitors will certainly know the crazy uniqueness of the place and some of them may like it.