If You Are Not Following These 7 Instagram Icons, You Should Be Having A Major FOMO

Instagram (which turned 10 this year) started out to be a simple photo sharing app and today it has become a litmus test for one’s popularity. Who could ever envisage that this app would facilitate people in creating their careers? Whether it is fashion, entertainment, food or music, Instagram has acted as a catalyst in establishing the careers of many well-known influencers. With its recent features, it has become a go-to app for Generation X in order to express themselves and for following trends. Here are some Indian Instagram influencers who are ruling the roost in 2020:

Kusha Kapila

Kusha Kapila is a popular internet sensation and content creator who has become a household name. Her videos are relatable, entertaining and she doesn’t shy away from adding a social message in them if necessary. Kusha is best known for her character, ‘Billi Maasi’ amongst many others.

Current Instagram followers: 1.4 Million

Komal Pandey

She is a content creator best known for her fashion advice and unique style. Over the years she has gathered a massive fan following owing to her fashion videos and blogs.

Current Instagram followers: 1.2 Million

Dil Se foodie (Karan Dua)

This is a group that has been created by connecting foodies from all over via social media sites. Apart from clicking food pictures, the group also arranges for food walks, meets for content writers and bloggers, etc., among many other activities.

Current Instagram followers: 628k

Saransh Goila

A young Indian chef, Saransh, is the founder of the Mumbai-based restaurant, ‘Goila Butter Chicken’, and the author of the food travelogue, ‘India on my Platter.’ In addition to this, he is also a TV show and has participated in various food competitions, which have been aired on television.

Current Instagram followers: 310k

Jannat Zubair Rahmani

A television actress, Jannat is best known for her role in the serial, ‘Phulwa’. She has been seen in various TV serials and also Bollywood movies like Hichki, among others. She is extremely active on Instagram and YouTube and is known to post various pictures and videos.

Current Instagram followers: 20.7 Million

Aashna Shroff

She is a blogger, social media influencer, and model. She has gathered a lot of fans owing to her videos and posts related to fashion and makeup.

Current Instagram followers: 828k

Saloni Gaur (Salonayyy)

Known best for her character of Nazma Aapi, Saloni is a comedian and mimicry artist. She is best known for her videos which showcase a social message in them, with a humorous twist.

Current Instagram followers: 534k

All images sourced from instagram