India’s Mysterious Serial Killers

Have you heard of these Indian criminal masterminds? Brace yourselves, these are our very own versions of The Joker.

Or worse.


8)  The Beer Man

Quite possibly one of the weirdest unsolved mysteries. Between October 2006 and January 2007, 6 people in Mumbai were killed and in each case, the cops found a beer can beside the victim’s body. In January 2008, Ravindra Kantrole was convicted of the seventh murder. But he was absolved of all crimes in 2009 due to lack of evidence. The Beer Man mystery still remains an unsolved mystery.




7)  Raman Raghav

Also called Psycho Raman, Raghav petrified Mumbai slum dwellers in the 1960s. He bludgeoned victims to death. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia shortly after being arrested. He’s believed to have killed over 23 people and died from kidney failure in 1995.




6)  The Stoneman

In 1989, nine people living in Bombay were killed very similarly, their heads were smashed with a heavy blunt object, prompting the unknown killer to be named as ‘The Stoneman’. There were a number of similarly carried out murders in the future but none of the culprits were caught and to this day, the killer remains unknown.




5)  Akku Yadav

Akku Yadav raped and killed women in the same area that he conducted his business. The 32-year old Yadav was lynched by a massive group of people right outside Nagpur District Court. It’s rumoured that one of the women outside the court hacked Yadav’s penis off and when the cops tried to arrest people from the mob, every woman in the slum where Yadav lived asked to be arrested. The people won!




4)  Darbara Singh

Famously called “The Baby Killer”, Singh killed around 15 girls and 2 boys from April to September 2004. He was awarded the death sentence in 2004, which has been now been cut down to life imprisonment. He killed people by slicing their throats. Spooky.




3)  Cyanide Mallika

Mallika from Bangalore killed 6 women from 1999 to 2007. She consoled lower middle class women who were facing problems and then killed them through cyanide poisoning, followed by robbing their belongings. She was arrested and awarded a death sentence in 2012 which then reduced to a life sentence the same year.




2)  Charles Sobhraj

Charles Sobhraj is a serial killer who preyed on Western tourists throughout Southeast Asia during the 1970s. Nicknamed “The Splitting Killer” and “The Serpent”, due to his skill at deception and evasion, Sobhraj allegedly committed at least 12 murders. He was convicted and jailed in India from 1976 to 1997. After his release, he retired as a celebrity in Paris. Charles Sobhraj is widely believed to be a psychopath.




1)  Amardeep Sada

Amardeep Sada is India’s youngest serial killer. He was 8 when arrested in Bihar for the murder of three young children – his six-month old cousin, his eight month old sister and six-month old Khushboo, the family’s neighbour’s daughter. When asked in the police station about why he killed the children, Amardeep just smiles. Every time. Good luck sleeping at night.