Inspiring: This Girl Was Bullied As A Kid For Her Birthmarks. Look At Her Transformation!

Sometimes the way you look can be your biggest enemy. Yes, because in an era which is mainly dominated by fab looking celebrities, we have started to underestimate the true essence of inner beauty and wholeheartedly tilt towards outwardly appearance. Only very few courageous souls fight for their rights and for their differed looks.



Here’s one such soulful story of a girl who was judged for her appearance. She was bullied and taunted too.
Ciera Swaringen was born with Giant Congenital Melanocytic Nevus, which is nothing but a rare skin occurrence where the infant is covered with birth marks and moles. It develops when the infant is in the womb, a result of faulty development of pigment cells. These marks probably will never go away, rather there are chances for more to erupt.



Ciera’s childhood was terribly affected. She was taunted and bullied and since she had to be protected from the sun constantly, she was restricted from many activities which children indulge in. She knew there was no surgery to remove the spots and this made her accept her fate and fall in love with her in spite of her shortcomings.



Today, at 19, she proudly flaunts her marks (few of them have faded away and softened) and wears them as armour. The North Carolina girl spreads positivity and strength to many youth of her age and is a pride of her parents.