7 Weird But Interesting Facts About Coffee We Are Sure You Didn’t Know About

While sipping a hot cup of your morning coffee, you might never have wondered about certain facts associated with your go to beverage. Well, to educate you about the same, we have created a listicle that contains 7 weird but interesting facts about coffee you didn’t know about. Here it goes!

Coffee Beans Are Cherry Seeds

Coffee beans are not really ‘beans’ as they might seem. They actually come from a bushy plant that grows cherries.


Coffee Cherries Are Edible

In earlier times, coffee berries were mixed with fat, which was then consumed as a snack ball. Also, the pulp was fermented to make a drink similar to wine.


Most Expensive Coffee is Made of Monkey Spit

Imagine sipping your hot brewed drink that costed you 600 dollars a pound, and then you come to know it is made of monkey’s spit.


Coffee Can Now Be Prepared in Space

Recently, a few engineers discovered capsule-brewing process that works without gravity and we can’t thank them enough as coffee can now be made in space as well.


World’s Largest Coffee Mug has a Holding Capacity of 1.6 Gallons

Not many are aware but the world’s largest ceramic coffee mug can hold around 1.6 gallons of coffee, which is approximately the ideal amount one should drink in a week.


Coffee Was a Turkish Compulsion

Back in 15th century, the Turkish culture had a law wherein any woman had the power to divorce her husband if he couldn’t provide her sufficient amount of coffee.


Brazil Went to Olympics on ‘Coffee Terms’

During 1932 Summer Olympics, Brazil wasn’t able to send 69 athletes to L.A. So, they sent them via a ship that was exporting around 50,000 sacks of coffee. Also, they sold the beans at several ports during the voyage.
So, next time while enjoying your favorite drink, we hope you would recall these weird but interesting facts about coffee.


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