Keanu Reeves: The Mystic Actor Of Hollywood

In the red carpet world of Hollywood where mega movie releases, a forever expanding list of rumors on affairs and celebrity addictions bordering on depression and generally suicidal tendencies rule headlines, it is refreshing to come across celebs that remain sober in their personal lives and not just out of the convoluted experiences with the bottle. As enchanting and swift in its reception of mega blockbuster movies, Hollywood has a strange reputation of throwing to the garbage dumps mediocrity of celebrities whose larger than life image seems stunted in front of their personal lives.



The glitter of walking down the red carpet and super success parties that coronate princely actors, creating stars out of the ordinary whilst providing huge ego-massage to yesterday’s nobody’s but today’s mega celebrities leaves an actor disenchanted and completely gob-smacked amidst the despair that follows just a single flop. Just the other day you were a media darling for setting the box office ringing with huge hits and just a single flop release does enough to stutter your flowing reputation, throwing you to a corner where nothing but loneliness grows large.

Amidst this madness albeit pure lust of being a mega Hollywood celebrity, there are a few simple souls who somehow manage to remain absolutely down to earth and outright simple despite the hype surrounding their demi-god existence and mass appeal.

There is a Sean Penn who is known to drink away on his own in the plushest bars in motown. Then there is a certain Thomas Jeffery Hanks who often takes selfies with fans with whom he is even known to share a slice of Pizza in many New York eateries. Off course, Meryl Streep is known to shop at the sunset boulevard where upcoming models don’t even care to notice her godlike aura, something that only relieves Streep of the unwanted attention. But, away from the limelight and berserk trail of paparazzi’s who are known to hound celebrities who do not think twice before baring all in front of shutterbugs, ranging from personal ego’s to weird shenanigans, there stands Keanu Reeves, silent as a monk and ageless as the wine that get’s fine with each passing day.

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