Looking For Traditional Kolhapuri Shoes For The Festive Season? We Have The Right Tips For You

When you think of typical Maharashtrian footwear, the first thing that comes in your mind is definitely Kolhapuri shoes. Women and men Kolhapuri chappals are available everywhere – at small stalls set up on the corner of the footpaths to high-end fancy branded stores in three-storeyed malls. But here’s the thing – Kolhapuri chappals are not just popular in India now. They have made their way to every continent and you can sport at least a handful of people wearing this footwear wherever you go. For any person who visits Maharashtra for the first time, Kolhapuri chappals are always on top of the list of ‘things to buy’. Their stylish, ethnic, and comfortable quality has made them popular amongst several people in India and in western countries such as America, U.K, Canada, Europe, Middle East, and in other Asian countries such as Pakistan and China.

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Talking about the history of kolhapuri chappals, they were first worn in the 13th century. They were previously called different names such as Kapashi, Paytaan, Kachkadi, Bakkalnali, and Pukari. These name basically indicated the village where they were made. The first recorded mention of the Kolhapuris was in 1920 when the Saudagar family of Kolhapur started designing the footwear and named it ‘Kanwali’ or chappal with ears since it had two-sided flaps. When the Kolhapuri chappals made their way to Mumbai, it attracted people in no time. From there on, there was no turning back and Men Kolhapuri has ever since been one of the most loved traditional footwear options.

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Men, women and children are often seen wearing this traditional footwear. The traditional Men Kolhapuri chappals are designed with intricate thread designs that are woven onto the flap. The traditional chappals are mostly tan brown coloured kolhapuris with a bright red furball in the centre. Over time, it has been evolved to become sturdier and is available in a plethora of attractive colours and designs. What’s more, Men Kolhapuri chappals are multi-purpose. While women have numerous footwear options to choose from, men have limited picks and have to play around with what they have got available.

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That’s where a good pair of Men Kolhapuri comes into play. From college to a casual day out with friends to having to attend a friend’s pre-wedding ceremony, a pair of Kolhapuris can look incredibly versatile and elevate the charm of such varied looks. Men Kolhapuri chappals are rather iconic in the interior regions of Maharashtra. The Kolhapuri slippers for men are made of leather and coloured with vegetable dyes. Men Kolhapuri chappals are mainly known for their exquisite perforated designs.

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