Lord Hanuman – Interesting & Surprising Facts About Our Beloved Deity

Revered as the deity of courage and strength, Lord Hanuman is an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Even though we feel we know a lot about him, there are still a few facts that are to be discovered. We have curated a list of some interest facts about our dear Pawanputra that are unknown to most of you guys.

The ‘vermilion’ incident

Lord Hanuman’s love for Lord Rama needs no introduction. We are sure every devotee is well aware of the fact that Lord Hanuman loved and respected Lord Rama unconditionally. To prove this love, he once coated his body with vermilion dye (sindoor) and Lord Rama offered a boon that whoever would worship Hanuman with vermilion powder would part ways with his/her difficulties.


Issuing of death sentence by Lord Rama

Once Lord Rama was ordered by his Guru Vishwamitra to punish Hanuman to death (because Hanuman did not greet Vishwamitra), Rama did so but Hanuman kept on chanting Ram and was untouched by death.

Lord Bhima is the brother of Lord Hanuman

Bhima is also the son of the Lord of Winds (Vayudev). Their mother Anjana was blessed by Lord Shiva wherein he told Vayudev to bring the divine pudding that Dasharatha’s queens were consuming. Right after she ate the pudding, Bhima and Hanuman were born. Since, the pudding was brought by Vayudev, he is the father of Hanuman and Lord Bhima.


Goddess Sita and Lord Rama’s picture was literally in Hanuman’s heart

Once Goddess Sita offered a pearl necklace to Hanuman which he refused to accept saying that anything that is devoid of Lord Rama’s name is not acceptable for him and to prove it he ripped his chest to reveal a picture of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita.


Divine lord’s various names

In Sanskrit language, there are 108 names of our beloved Pawanputra.

We hope all the devotees would have found these facts amazingly interesting.