Midnight Food Cravings? These 6 Outlets Deliver Midnight Meals Just A Click Away

While one can’t exactly do much about changing Delhi’s reputation when it comes to venturing out in the dark- especially for women- what one can do is to savour the delicacies the city has to offer. That too, post midnight. So which are the 6 brilliantly appetizing places where a Delhi-ite or a traveller can venture out to snack in some good times?


1) The Booty Call, Satya Niketan

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With a young, peppy vibe, The Booty Call at Satya Niketan in South Delhi is replete with a nice spill of some appetizing continental delights including Pasta’s, Burgers, Sandwiches and the likes.

You can treat yourself with some nice American and Italian delights late into the night.

Timings: The eatery operates from 9 PM- 8 AM.
Address: 246, Satya Niketan, New Delhi 110002


2) Comesum, Nizamuddin Railway Station

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Travelling is never an easy tasks and especially in the north of the country where biting winters invariably lead to train delays and rescheduling of itineraries. It was perhaps with this intention that commuters and travellers do not miss out on a mouth-craving time that the administration established a nice, breezy eatery tucked in right in the heart of South Delhi with Comesum, right outside the Nizamuddin Railway Station. Today, it is not only a choicest place for travellers and adventurists, but pretty much everyone, regardless of age, from around the city who savour a midnight meal and some in the wee hours of the morning.

Timings: The eatery operates 24/7 and is open to everyone.
Address: Near Railway Station, Nizamuddin, Humayun’s Tomb, Nizamuddin West, New Delhi, Delhi 110013


3) AIIMS, Parathe Wala

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Ask any Delhiite, what’s a good meal to have on any given day. Chances are, you’ll receive a singular answer- Paratha. Blame it on mom’s refined means of making some or on what you may, you cannot distance a Delhiite from a Paratha. Ever. One of the finest eateries that is open post midnight hour is the Parathe wala at AIIMS, in South Delhi.

Timings: the Parathewala is open from 11 PM to morning
Address: Right opposite AIIMS, close to Safdarjung Hospital gate


4) Ganga Dhaba, JNU

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If you are craving to bite into some piping hot parathas, bread rolls or the good old samosas, then this is the place for you. Ganga Dhaba, though situated inside the periphery of the JNU University, has been home to eaters, diners, late night snackers for decades together.

Timings: True to its nature of feeding ever-hungry students and visitors, the dhaba is open 24/7
Address: JNU Campus, Jawahar Lal Nehru University, Saraswatipuram, New Delhi 110067


5) Café Coffee Day, Taj Palace Hotel

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A great surety about everyday hectic life is to sip into a warm cup of cappuccino and few places serve it better than the ever-reliable Café Coffee Day. But the outlet at Taj Palace Hotel is one to die for. With its glorious setting, nestled right next to the diplomatic avenue at South Delhi, you’ll find great solace and warmth at this particular outlet as you enjoy some coffee and sandwiches well post 12 am at night.

Timings: The coffee outlet is open till 2 am.
Address: Pallavi AWWA complex, Chanakya Puri, opposite Taj Palace Hotel


6) Chocolateria San Churo, Greater Kailash 2

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Often, the talk is about coffee and cappuccino when it comes to stepping out with friends or family for some fun time. But in this mad blaze for coffee, it is hot chocolate that often skips our imagination. Although, that shouldn’t be the case. Arguably, the finest hot chocolate that one can find in South Delhi is at Chocolateria San Churo, an Australian outlet that began operating in India nearly 7 years go. But its not only coffee or hot chocolate that one can savour here as with tons of deserts- cakes, patisseries- there’s some fine continental snacks that are on offer.

Timings: The outlet is open till 2 AM
Address: M-1, Greater Kailash Road, Main Market, Block M, Greater Kailash II, New Delhi, Delhi 110048