7 Hollywood Movies That Revolve Around Food! Must Watch For Foodies

If along with the love of munching on new and different recipes, you also enjoy cooking them, then these food-centric Hollywood movies would interest you much. Have a look at the list of Hollywood movies that revolve around Food:


The storyline of Sideways is based on the lives of a struggling writer cum school teacher Miles and his actor and soon-to-be married friend Jack. Jacks wants a fling before getting married and they go on trip to the wine country. Jack ends up sleeping with Stephanie (who he meets on the trip) and falls for her. Miles discloses that Jack and Maya (a waitress they met on the trip) are to be married and this leads to disarray.



This one is about the life of a mother and her daughter who shift to a small French town. They open their chocolate shop which becomes a hit in no time. However, the mayor wants to banish the chocolate shop and restore the old ways of the town.


Tortilla Soup

An American comedy based on the life of a veteran chef and his three daughters. The chef wants everyone to be home for Sunday dinner. However, the family bond cracks up when the sisters start dating and an unpleasant lady has her eyes on our protagonist (chef).



This one is a film about a young rat which is inspired by a chef and cooks without any limits.



Chef is a story of a creative chef who quits his job at a fancy restaurant and next thing he opens his food truck with the help of his son, friend and ex-wife.



Waitress is the movie that would help you up your baking game and give you some amazing ‘pie’ inspo.



This one is the story of a high-class chef (Adam) in a Persian restaurant which shuts down because of the owner’s drug use. Adam then sets out to revive his career in a different city.

We hope you loved reading through the list of Hollywood movies that revolve around food.