OMG Parenting Goals: Funniest Parents Ever!

The similarities between parents and children are not only confined to physical appearance but there are other traits as well where parents as well as a child are similar.

It is also found often that the family members belonging to different generations share a similar sense of humor. In fact, they aim jokes at each other but the good thing is that every word is full of mutual love and affection.

Here is a collection of some of the funniest and compassionate text message exchanges between guardians and their children.


1) Anne’s information line..



2) Seems like Mom and son are debating on who is to be punished



3) Either Dad eagerly wants a vacation or he is too work stressed!



4) After this reply from Dad, John must be wondering if he is real or adopted?!



5) Alice’s mom seems like a positive woman



6) Hardly did Mike knew that Dad will try to snatch his independence



7) Mom’s efforts to strengthen the maternal bond..



8) Kate and Mom seem to have a competition on who’s cleverer and beautiful



9) Helen amusingly trying to thank Mom for little things she taught her



10) Andrew! It’s time for a matrimonial alliance!


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