Police Abruptly Stops A Learner Driver For A Very Weird Reason

It is a common sight where citizens are chased by police for breaking traffic laws. But this learner driver was chased and stopped for an unexpected reason.



Apparently the reason was good and praiseworthy. It just so happened, on Thursday (13th October) night, two officials in Kingston, Greater London were addressing to a 999 call when they bumped into the learner’s car.



The police were pursuing a case of an unknown character who was acting suspicious. Around 8 PM the duo officers received a call to help their fellow colleagues in chasing down the suspect. But in the absence of emergency response vehicles in the vicinity, the two officers had no other option but to flag down the next ongoing car, which happened to be that of the learner driver’s.



The suspect was arrested duly. The Kingston police reported the news on their Facebook page in order to thank the female driver who helped in the chase.



The post was followed by many appreciative comments from people which included – “Wow that’s amazing …the police for running (OMG) to help their colleagues, the learner driver for stopping to help (how scary that must have been for her to drive police?) …well done all xx” – comment by Gerry Haslett

“Well I’ve heard of including motorways in driving lessons and tests but this certainly takes things to new levels! I do hope they pass their test ……..” – Alison McWhinnie