See How A Beautiful Girl Turns Scary. This Has Got To Be The Scariest Face Swap Ever.

This woman, as a friendly jest, replaced her face with a harmless pretzel. Rachel Hanson clicked and edited the picture and shared it with her friend Jodi Gray, who in return uploaded it on twitter as – When one of the most beautiful people you know does a #faceswap with a #pretzel! @RachelHanson86 #horror



And the result was the creepiest thing ever pictured. Many people even identified the snap to be as ugly as scarecrow from Batman Begins. If you don’t agree with us, then check this horrifying picture of the villain and compare the same with that of Rachel Hanson’s.



Rachel apparently used snapchat feature and showed us how human would have looked if we had a snack as our head. Now, whenever we would think of this smooth, tasty and creamy pretzel, we would be reminded of Rachel Hanson’s head. Who knows, tonight, you might be haunted too, perhaps by a slickly brown twisting snack?