First Time In Many Years, Ganga Water Is ‘Fit For Drinking’. Details Inside.

The countrywide lockdown has led to a highly reduced number of people visiting Haridwar for various religious ceremonies on the banks of Ganga. Many industries have also been shut down since the lockdown began. Due to the lockdown effect, the water in Ganga has been now tested to be ‘fit for drinking’. The government has … Read more

More than 1,000 Companies Planning To Shift Factories From China To India

Due to the irresponsible and non-transparent behavior of China while handling the outbreak of COVID19 which has destroyed economies, many multi-national firms have lost their faith in the China story. More than 1,000 of these are currently looking to shift their operations and manufacturing units from China to India. India is not only a suitable … Read more

Govt Brings Strong Ordinance To Punish Attackers Of Health Warriors

Last few days have seen unfortunate violence against health warriors across various parts of India. At such a time, when the only way to survive is with the help of these front – line warriors, attacking them goes against the nature of survival. The doctors & health workers associated with the Indian Medical Association planned … Read more

Government Plans To Track COVID-19 Patients Using Smart Wrist Bands

The government is planning to track body vitals like temperature and location of COVID-19 patients who are self quarantined to track their movement. The government is planning to manufacture and distribute such smart wrist bands to patients once the lockdown eases. This is an innovative step in making sure that even after lockdown opens up, … Read more

China Tries To Take Advantage Of COVID-19 Crisis, Indian Govt Strikes Back

Indian Government has applied some restrictions on Foreign Direct Investment to India looking at the volatile stock market situation in India. Last week, China’s central bank had raked up 1.01% stake in HDFC taking advantage of the stock market position in India. The volatility in the banking sector could have caused some more unfair investments … Read more

COVID-19: Flipkart Opens Order For Mobile Phones But Shuts Down A Day After

The Ministry of Health Affairs had earlier issued a guideline allowing e-commerce companies to start delivering non-essential goods after April 20th. Even Flipkart had opened up the mobile phone category on their app for its users to place orders for delivery after April 20th. But the ministry issued a revised guideline today permitting delivery of … Read more