The Ephemeral Charm And Luxury Of Being Kim Kardashian

The simple six letter word “beauty” isn’t merely a definition of a woman. It conveys an inseparable essence of a woman. It assimilates into the idea of being a woman -a tangible construct that defines how she looks and an element of intangibility that defies norms and conforming views of beauty, sexiness, glory and appeal.



Who is to say if a woman is beautiful or not, for beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and in the allure that awes a fan to gravitate toward a female. But, away from the sanctimonious grounds  that preserve beauty and its surface rather than being corrosive and scratchy, when you move to glorified definitions and faces that are attributed to the word beauty, it is highly likely that you will find yourself zapped in amazement in front of the beauty of a certain Kim Kardashian.

She may not be the sultry demi-goddess of good looks as a Monica Bellucci or the quintessential beauty as one got accustomed to identifying with the likes of yesteryear’s Audrey Hepburn or Natalie Wood. But, Kimberly Noel Kardashian from the enchanting Los Angeles has certainly risen as an angel of epic hotness and sensuality whose beauty juxtapositions itself against conventional notions of charming good looks. To say that Kim is hot and sexy would be boring blandishments that would upset her and for sure, her fans whose adulation for her beauty are akin to an explorer reserving his best praise for a monument of historical and epic delight.



In an age where definitions of beauty are changing rapidly quite like our favorite celebrity list where stars and nobodies are let in, into our hearts as quickly as they are shunted out, Kim Kardashian, who turns 35 on October 21 has become a legendary beauty of her time whose charm defies age which is just a number and her figure which is attributed to overwhelmingly attractive numbers 😉

We take a look at what makes Kim stand out from the crowd rather the coveted albeit cluttered gamut of celebrities who crave for media attention and often miss out in grabbing public adulation and attention they so hungrily surge toward.


A smart and thinking celebrity



It is no surprise that fans today are even more hungrier in following their favorite stars that they were in the past. In the past, at the most you could get close to a Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Kobe Bryant and say, an Angelina Jolie only on movie premiers or on celebrated red carpet events. Today, the times have changed and so have the fans and their loving idols.

With the advent of  social media and the ever important need for actors, models, celeb stylists and even script writers and hitherto nondescript media commodities, such as star critics to look “approachable” and “amicable” mostly for professional reasons than for any personal need for accommodating millions of admirers across the world, the boundaries that existed between a common fan and a mega celebrity seem to have blurred. Making great use of her ecstatic appeal in popular culture in an America that is forever star-hungry and this great surge in digital media, Kim has commanded her way to her fans’ hearts through active involvement using popular social media vehicles such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Her rustic but charming appeal and those sultry good looks, inarguably the best one has seen since the heydays of Latino diva Jennifer Lopez, have given Kim a cult status as one of the most sought after celebrities and an icon raking in great benefits of star-hugging celebrity culture where fans often lounge into personal lives of their favorite celebrities through popular blogs, feed posts on Facebook and those endless tweets that soar every minute like the everyday mercury levels.



A smart and wise woman who understands the need for maintaining congeniality where it is required, such as popular TV shows including Dave Letterman’s and the former grand show Larry King on CNN and many more television snippets( such as Conan and Jimmy Fallon) that often run on celebrity hype, it appears that purely for the purpose of guaranteeing substantial fodder of interest for her fans and critics alike, Kim has literally opened her world for consumption of a star-hungry audience, spread not just in the USA but across the world.

And, while there have been occasional unwanted run ins with the infamous and celeb-hounding paparazzi, Kim K, has been the ultimate beneficiary with her plastic smile being painted all over print and digital media. It keeps her popularity in good check and who would ever complain with that. In 2010, it was reported that Kim Kardashian was the highest paid Television personality making USD 6 million.


A global trend-setter



Easily one of the most recognizable faces in world media, dominating fashion headlines for her fashion sense, ruling style and luxury magazines for her larger than life lifestyle that measures some crazy millions in fortune, here is Kim Kardashian in her celebrity might, ever threatening to run over the popularity of other celebs who are either as popular as her or nearly just as much.



At 35, while other fashionista’s like Kim begin to finally settle down and make best use of their stardom having busted their bottom’s to reach Hollywood and Western media’s highly credible lime-lights, Kim continues to make news, sometimes for the weirdest and most fanciful “selfies” that she clicks during her frequent globe-trotting entourage’s and often for her fancy bottom, truth be told.

One of the three popular Kardashian sisters, the recently divorced Kourtney being the eldest and Khloe being the youngest, it seems style and an endless want for fashion and top seeded brands and their extremely high level of consumption seems to run in the Kardashian family, not just with Kim.



From beauty tips to the latest trends in fashion, Kardashian has risen the star barometer by her seasoned and choicest takes on what clothes to wear and which designer store to visit. From starring on the front cover of Vogue with husband, West following their star-studded wedding off the coast in Italy in 2014, Kim popularly became the world’s most talked about celebrity. Also, in contention for leap-frogging Princess Diana, the Princess of Wales who tragically passed away in 1997, Kim is well on her way to becoming the most photographed woman on earth, as reported by popular American celebrity media E!


An enterprising young woman who knows what she’s doing



Apart from lending her diva-like personality to launching several food products from famous Carl’s Jr. and helping Los Angeles based Famous cupcakes launch its famous Va-Va-Va- Nilla flavored cupcake, among the most loved light desserts the world eats and splurges today, Kim has officially launched several plush luxury perfumes, including “Gold”, “True reflection” and “Kim Kardashian”.

Kim who is no stranger to setting the perfect style statement for her Hawaiian floral skirts and dashing hats that she casually styles up with the perfect ensemble of jewelry, is no stranger to the many benefits that lie at the bottom of the ocean. From being bikini tanned on the plush beaches of Bahamas to Barbados and soaring temperatures with her curvaceous  extravaganza, delivered in thin two pieces, she has moved and swayed audiences with her creative and thoughtful renditions to giving many brands across the spectrum of luxury and lifestyle- a signature Kim Kardashian tone of glamour and appeal.



In 2010, she co-wrote a biography about the Kardashian socialite family along with her sisters, Kourtney and Khloe. Making the best of her celebrated and much loved realty TV show, “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, which was at its peak in those days having started in 2007, Kim has frequently collaborated with her equally fashion-conscious and creative sisters in launching many fashion lines such as clothing brands and lingerie stores. London’s famous, “the Kardashian Kollection” was started in 2011 by the Kardashian trio who have often painted the town red, blue and gold with their devastating glam and fashion appeal, be it San Francisco or Las Vegas, the latter being a witness to a sprawling party on the New Year’s eve in 2010, when Kim released her only single she’s ever recorded, titled” Jam(Turn it Up).


The lesser known Kim Kardashian



Aware of the fact that her own life much to her own doing is now part of popular everyday consumption, with fans wanting to know even what position she sleeps in, Kim the woman behind the fame-hungry world is a different person altogether.

Behind the facade of the celebrity image that often borders on glamour extremity and bizarreness of being fame hungry, lies an honest and often, misunderstood Kim Kardashian. Not many know that the proceeds of her only maiden solo single song that has grabbed nearly 48 lakh views on Youtube, went to a leading Cancer charity in USA. Kim’s father, mother Kris’ first husband lost a long battle confronted with the deadly disease. Kim has even lent her association to popular New York based Seven Bar Foundation, a not-for-profit organization whose eminent project “Kiss Away Poverty” featured the glamorous LA born starlet.

A friend to her friends and a person who doesn’t remain in awe of her own appeal and star status, Kardashian has even helped many socialite friends too market, design and product-launch their fashion apparel lines using her own sense of fashion and style. From London to N.Y.C, L.A. to Milan, there are hardly any designers or fashion labels who do not wish to associate with the voluptuous ultra hot beauty.

She’s come a long way since her father passed away whilst she was only a young girl. Having once eloped with 3T’s Thompson when she was only 19 to coming  back to dominate American headlines with her enchanting appeal and an enigmatic concoction of natural and cosmetic beauty, Kimberly Noel Kardashian makes a dull moment lively and a lively moment grand with her charm, appeal and a sense of allure that is rare to find these-days.



With her heart at the right place even if her clothes often aren’t where they should be, she welcomes one and all, believers, critics, romantics, haters and fans toward her appealing world where love for her man, Kanye is as genuine and happening as her frequent collaborations with some of the grandest and opulent brands from across the world of lifestyle, luxury and fashion.