This Man Spent $ 51,000 On Building A Computer To Play Tetris. This Is The Height Of Love For The Game!!

Very very weird! Who does that??? Oh right! Only a person who wants to pursue a new hobby and has some tens of thousands lying useless



This computer geek developed a new hobby, Tetris. And hence, has built a massive computer to play the game. James Newman, a 55 year old software engineer living in Great Shelford, created a supercomputer that takes up his room space completely.



He shyly admits to the media, “If I had a wife she’d probably have left me by now. I didn’t plan on spending [that much money] at the start. It grew as time went by and I got a bit more ambitious.”

The cost of supercomputer is $51,000 (approx. £40,000) and it took 5 years to get it running. Although, it is a very innovative creation, the computer lacks memory space and is million times slower than urban computers. Its slow speed is on purpose, he claims. It is designed to work gradually so as to give viewers a chance to visibly watch the working of the game. He furthermore added, “I want to show people how computers work and get children interested in electronics”.


However, the oxford university chemistry graduate has decided to hold open days for public to come see his machine at his house in Cambridgeshire. In the longer run, he also plans to put it in a museum.

To watch the super slow super computer, click here