Trolled: You Have To See The Cake This Mom Baked For Her Daughter’s Birthday

Birthdays are fun; especially the cake part where we get to see some of the most ridiculous and funny cakes. Abbie’s 18th birthday was no different and her mother was creative and naughty enough to troll Abbie with a hilarious Birthday Cake.



Apparently Abbie’s mom, Sharon, is a baker and runs a Bakery called Mockadoodleyou in Coventry. And so, on Abbie’s 18th birthday, Sharon decided to bake a cake which not only made her daughter go red with embarrassment but also showcased her creativity in baking.

And here you see the special birthday present;



This cake is inspired from a photograph of Abbie which was taken after a deadly hangover. In the photograph her head is down the commode; probably sleeping there or cursing her actions.

Whatever might have been the reason Sharon was able to recreate the moment with the cake and amazed her with this memory.



This is what Abbie had to say about her mother’s loving and trolling surprise

“I loved the cake and I expected the photo to be printed on the cake so when I saw they actually made a whole figure out if it I was really impressed.
My mum thought it was a great idea. I’m usually sensible with my drink so my mum is usually OK with it. She took the photo and had always threatened to use it at my 18th birthday but took it one step further!”